April 21, 2014

DIY: Candy Dot Earrings

If you loved my DIY enamel dots more than a week ago I'm sure you will love this too. It's such a fun and easy way to make colored stud earrings for the spring and summer seasons. I'm feeling so giddy about this that after taking photos of for this tutorial I went ahead and made more for myself... I'm planning to make a pair for each color of nail polish I own! Read more to find out how :)

What you need:

  • Earring posts- I used 6 mm ones
  • Glue gun
  • Nail polish
  • Clear glaze (optional)
First of all, you may want to practice making enamel dots on another surface before doing this craft. I recommend using wax paper or even the backing of sticker paper or contact paper. 

Stick your earring posts on a flat surface - I used a foam sheet to hold my earring posts in place. 

Now using the enamel dot tutorial, make an glue dot directly on the flat pad of the earring post. The size of your earring will vary on the size of your earring posts. Ensure that your glue gun is at its hottest to get the perfect dots. 

To get a perfect dot on a 6 mm earring post, squeeze your glue gun trigger (carefully) about 2/3 of the way  on the center of the earring post and swirl it around until the glue string disappears onto the dot you made and let it dry. 

Too much glue and it will drip to the side like in the photo above - but don't worry, just pluck the earring post out, and scrape off the hot glue on a surface (like copy paper) and start over again. If the glue is already dry, just stick it onto the nozzle/barrel of the hot glue to melt it again. 

Wait until they're fully dry. Choose your nail polish and paint them! 

I let mine dry by sticking them onto coffee stir sticks held by a thread skein. It's important that they stay upright!

And that's it! You can also seal them with clear glaze for added durability. Aren't they pretty?! Btw - if you aren't subscribed to any of the social media linked to Minted Strawberry, you may have not heard, so I'll tell you here. I just opened a shop on Etsy! Visit it here or by clicking the 'Shop' button on the top of this page. 

Currently the products are cake toppers, tags, cards and necklaces but I'm thinking of posting more items soon. It's totally experimental and I'm such a newbie at it so any advice (and support) would be awesome! Thank you guys.

So there, I hope you loved this tutorial as much as I loved making it! Would you make this, in what color? Tell me in the comments and I hope you have a great week! 

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April 17, 2014

Bunny Applique Bag at Craftaholics Anonymous

Have you seen the Easter goodie bags I shared earlier this week? Well, I made it into a super cute tote bag for my little sister, and I shared it over at Craftaholics Anonymous yesterday. If you haven't gotten the chance to take a look at it, hop on over there to see how I made it and to download the resized template to make your own bunny bag - for Easter or any time of the year! 

Don't you just love the cuteness? I do. I'm planning to make one for myself as well with a different polka-dot printed fabric that my fiance gave me last Christmas. I love the addition of the bow! (And yes, I think I'm just too obsessed with bunnies these days...)

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April 16, 2014

DIY: Bunny-in-an-Egg Paper Necklaces

I enjoy making paper jewelry every once in a while - the fact that you can make something wearable from something so flimsy always delights me. Since Easter is just a few days away, I decided to make some paper bunny-in-an-egg necklaces for my sister to give to her friends (my fiance actually suggested I make these bunnies... he's getting crafty nowadays). Crafting this with a die-cutter is so easy it's not even funny. 


  • Silhouette Cameo- or any die-cutter
  • Glue
  • White cardstock
  • Patterned paper
  • Mod Podge
  • White / pink paint
  • Template - downloadable at the end of the post, in a png format 
Start by cutting your bunny template. If you're using the template, you may want to resize it first. 

Now glue them together, layering them - for the bunny part I layered 6-7 pieces and for the egg part I layered 3 pieces (on each side). To let it dry flat, you may want to sandwich them in a heavy book (or a notebook, and then just sit on it, lol). 

Paint your bunny parts - I painted mine white, but you may paint them any other pastel color you like. Might I suggest a light pink?

Now cut some patterned paper from the egg template, and then glue them on both sides of your bunny pendant. Apply a few layers of mod podge on each side, string them onto your necklace chains and you're done!

Of course you'd still want to be careful when wearing this - don't leave this near water or you'll be really sad.... Want more bunny / easter crafts? Check this link out

I hope you're still having a superb week! And if you loved this, comment/share/pin, I'd appreciate it :) Have a great day friends!

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April 14, 2014

DIY: Bunny-Stamped Goodie Bags for Easter

I have a thing for animals - specially cute ones like bunnies, pandas, cats and turtles (oh, who am I kidding, I find most animals cute). And with the days heading to Easter soon, I thought I'd make something with bunnies for this month's Silhouette challenge post. And yes, I've made a bunny necklace, a bunny poster and even a bunny-inspired headband, but life's much better with a lot more bunny-related projects - so I decided to make a bunny stamp to decorate Easter goodie bags (for my siblings). Remember the crane stamp that I did a while ago? I made this similar to that, so most of you may be familiar already. If not, just check that post out to see how to make your own stamp with just craft foam from the store! If you do know, read on to find out how I assembled my goodie bags. 

Kraft bags (kraft paper to make your own goodie bags)
Bunny stamp (template for that is available at the end of the post!)
Pastel-colored paper
Kraft paper

Make your bunny stamps. I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut mine out, but since it's a relatively easy shape, you can easily hand-cut it yourself. Want to know how to make them from craft foam? Head on over to this post for the details.

Cut out circles bigger than your bunny stamps - since I sized my bunny to about 1.5" across, I cut 2" circles, then stamp your bunny stamp on the center of your circle - I just feel so giddy when I make my own stamps. Do you feel that way, too? I backed my white circles with starbursts.

For added cuteness I made some paper rosettes from pastel-colored paper. After all, it's Easter and it's Spring, so you must have some kind of pastel cuteness going on in there. To make the rosettes, you must cut up two strips of paper (mine measured 1.75" in height) and accordion fold them like in the photo above. It's much easier to do this with a scoring board, but you can also do without. 

Attach both strips on each end, making a circle as shown. They will expand uncontrollably so it's a good idea to stick a circle on the center to hold the folds in place.

I made my own kraft bags as well, using the printed kraft paper found at the dollar store. When I was there a couple of days ago they have a few more designs that's more Easter-appropriate, but I used what I had on hand.

Stick those circles on the center of your rosettes, and then add a few embellishments to finish (I used my DIY enamel dots).

Now all you have to do is stick those pretty rosettes onto your bags and you are done.

I just love the star-printed kraft paper and the addition of enamel dots. For a simpler version - just stamp them onto your bags and you'll be good to go!

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What do you do to celebrate Easter? Please share and pin if you loved this tutorial, folks and I hope your week will be a good one!

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