Canvas Art Day!

So, since I didn't have anything to do I tried my hand at making a word art type of decor (because there was canvas lying around my room and because I just bought new stenciling stuff). The letters were stencils from the dollar store and a brand called Duro from the Hobby Lobby (bought when I was shopping looking for items when I was in Kansas, since I don't have a Hobby Lobby near my house).

PLEASE don't mind the dirty chest top. I haven't been able  to clean for weeks :D

It's not the most perfect thing in the world but I suppose it will do (trying to get rid of the perfectionist habit, because my dearest says it's not nice, lol). I got the owl chalkboard from Target for, 2 or so bucks? and the other decor from Ikea. <3 Enjoy guys!

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  1. This is so cool! I love it.
    And the owl chalkboard is a great find! Never know what goodies you'll find at Target. c:


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