PRINTABLE: Thank You Cards

I recently came home from a trip to Kansas to visit my uncle and aunt. It was fun. I ate tons, learned how to fish and even shopped for a few things, some of which I'm going upcycle and show you in the next few posts. Anyway, the people there were so accommodating and friendly that I wanted to give them something in return. I am going to send them something along with these handmade Thank You cards. 

blue - green - pink - brown - red

I've decided to make them in different colors to share with you guys. Just click on the links above to download, print, cut on the line and fold in the middle. These babies are about 5.5 x 8 inches each. Now I'm off to figure out what to color my toenails. Enjoy your day! :D


  1. These are so stylish! Thanks for sharing; I just may have to snag them. ;P


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