DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Jeweled Hair Clip

I seen this Precious Cluster Barette from Anthropologie and I instantly knew I had to DIY it because: 1. It was expensive for such a small thing and I'm such a cheapie and 2. I wanted a smaller clip. This is a perfect hair accessory for fall and for people like me who like to accessorize! 

To start:

 And what you do:

It's actually really easy. First you cut 2 pieces of felt measuring 1/2" x 2". Wrap a bit of lace or tulle on one, and save the other one for later. Thread you needle with the nylon, and begin sewing the beads on that tiny bit of felt. It's best to add the larger beads first then squeezing smaller beads in the gaps.

I added bead caps and pearls too just because I liked the look of it. Sew the beads on until you get your desired chunkiness. Tie two knots with the nylon thread on the back of the felt after.

Sandwich and glue one side of your other piece of felt on to the clip, and then glue the beaded felt on top of it...and that's it!

 Make your sister/kid model it and take photos. That's my awesome little sister who doesn't really know how to smile on cue, but I still love her. :)

There you have it, people. An easy DIY for craft night/day/hour or just when you're plain bored. I personally liked this project - I'll be wearing this a ton of times this season.

Would you make one and wear one too? Leave me a comment, and enjoy your day!


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