DIY: Ombre Notebook

Psst, you know that $1 section in Target? I love browsing that area. Most of the time I find something that's useful, or something that I want - and who cares, really? It's just a buck each anyways. Well, the other day I was looking around and found this notebook that I fell in love with (What can I say, I love circles @_@)

I didn't like the positioning of the text though, so I thought I'd color the circles in. But that's so simple, and so... not me. I like complicating things. LOL. Since I haven't immersed myself in the gradient fashion that's so prevalent these days - why not do one on my notebook?

If you plan on doing this easy peasy DIY, these are the things you need:

Your notebook - see, it's so off-centered it bothers me just looking at this picture.
Pens - I used a permanent marker and graphic markers.
and that's it!

See how easy that was? Mine has tons of imperfections but I'm still happy. Please don't mind my wrinkly thumb. :D Now try and set it up with magazines and take pictures. LOL.

Bunny (my fiance) told me this picture looks like I'm advertising Ikea. Haha. Anyway, should I embellish it more? What do you think? Toodles!


  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    Why is your blog so perfect and beautiful? >:I


    1. Truthfully, I dunno. Lots of trial and error, that's for sure. Haha. Thanks! <3

  2. I think it would look really nice if you colored in one more row at the bottom with a lighter grey, just so that you have a more symmetrical design (two blank rows of circles on both the top and the bottom). But that's just me being weird about symmetry!

    1. I wanted it to be a bit offset so it's asymmetrical instead, actually. :3


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