DIY: Space Invaders Coin Pouch

Everytime I make something for me I will make something for somebody else, and vice versa. Usually, my fiance's the one on the receiving end, because I really love making him stuff. Yesterday, I was pestering asking him about what I can make for him this time around. He said he didn't need anything - but then I told him I was making him another coin pouch so he can throw out the first one I gave him. Of course, he said no, because he's just so sentimental like that (which I love, btw). But he did say I can make him another one for his other set of change. So yay! 

Today I made him a space invader coin pouch, in red, since he specifically requested that color. Why space invaders? cause he's a retro geek, lol. I may have taken it too seriously though, because I always give him game-inspired hmm.

Anyway, here's what you need to do:

Look for a Space Invaders image you want to copy - I got mine from here. Now resize it in whatever program you'd use - photoshop, word - and then print it. Trace the image on a small piece of freezer paper. With boxy forms like this, I like going over all the vertical lines first before doing the horizontal ones (just because I'm OC like that).

After tracing, cut the whole thing out. It would be handy if you have a cutting mat, steel rule and a cutter, but it's okay if you just use scissors (I suck at using scissors, I swear). This step is a bit tedious (because of the cutting) but don't worry - you'll be proud of the result in the end~ 

Now, sew your coin purses. Cut 2 4.75" x 4" pieces of your main fabric and 2 4.75" x 4" pieces of your lining fabric. If you want a keyring holder or something, also cut a 1.5" x 3" piece of your lining fabric. Okay, there's a ton of tutorials in the internet for this, so just look for one. Plus I won't attempt explaining this one as I know for sure I would suck at explaining the zipper part. Anyway, my favorite is this tutorial from the Noodlehead. know, you could always use a ready made one, too. Hehe.

After sewing your pouches, iron the freezer paper (waxy side down) on the front part of the pouch. Use the reverse side to align the eyes of your invader. Now, what I usually do (since I only have white fabric paint) is mix the fabric paint and my acrylic paint of choice in a 1:1 ratio. I suggest you do the same. :D Use a foam brush (or foam, in the direst of circumstances - like with mine lol) and sponge it onto the design. Keep dabbing until you cover the whole area. 

WARNING: Excessive sponging may lead to paint bleeding under the paper. Though, no matter how much I heed this advice from other people, I still end up with an imperfect stencil. *eye twitches*

Now, wait until the paint dries, or else you might have an accident and smear the paint all over an area (again, like me, lol). After it dries, iron over the design to set the paint.

Attach a split keyring and then you're done. You can start making little things like this to give as Christmas gifts this year. Easy, cheap and adorkable. 

What do you think?


  1. That's amazing! Exactly what I was looking for!

  2. I don't see an email to contact you - so can you email me at ?

    Thanks! I'd like to feature your diy and need photo permission.


    1. Wow - yes you can! Btw, I e-mailed you already. :)


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