NAIL POLISH: Addicted to Black

I was thinking of nail designs and thought I'd start using my darker-toned polishes, so I decided to use my beloved black, with gold. I'm loving this combination right now - no actually, I'm loving gold right now (Bunny {yes, I call my fiance bunny} actually bought me China Glaze's Passion to stamp with, since I've been looking for a really good gold polish for stamping - yay!).

For this mani, you need scissors, tape, gold polish, black polish and This is how it goes down:

I used L'Oreal Raven's Strength for my base color, if anybody's interested. Oh, and invisible tape instead of plain old scotch tape - it's easier to cut. Also, wait for you painted tape to dry completely, say, 2 hours or so? Or maybe that's just me. Of course, don't forget the basecoat and topcoat - specially the topcoat - I'd think you wouldn't want your nail stickers to come off.

What do you think? Glam or just bee-inspired? Lemme know~~~ <3


  1. Neat!
    Shared to my twitter followers!


  2. Beautiful! I love how you could change up the colors too. I want to try a glitter stripped look!


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