NAIL POLISH: Welcoming Fall

It's almost autumn time - my favorite season. I don't like giving up the fun, bright colors of summer but sadly, everything ends. It's not like I'm following color trends though, not like that. I would still wear neons in the winter even if I'm the only one who will, lol. But to give tribute to my favorite season, I present you my "Anticipating Fall" mani. 

Here's what you do:

God, how horrid does my tan hand look? Lol. Anyway, I used a toned down teal color for my base. It's called Caronia On the Go, that my mother bought when she was vacationing last summer in the Philippines. Nice isn't it?

I totally botched that pointing finger right there - and my fingernail broke, so it's a bit more rounded on one side. Sadness. Anyway, enjoy!


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