PRINTABLE: Steady My Heart Bookmarks

Sometimes don't you just feel like you need to be encouraged to be able to keep going? I was listening to Kari Jobe's Steady My Heart yesterday, and was inspired to make these set of bookmarks for those of you who need encouragement - or want to give some.

Each bookmark measures 2.5" x 6". Download them here. I highly recommend you print them on cardstock, so you know, they'd be more durable. Of course, the text are lyrics from Kari Jobe's song, so I don't own any of that. :D

Here's her song, for those of you who want to listen to it:

Hope you're feeling encouraged like I am (how many times have I said that word in this post? lol). Enjoy your day!


  1. I love these bookmarks! Especially the chevron one. Do you take submissions? I'd love for you to feature my shop on your blog! Please take a look at my shop, Color Me Fantastic!

  2. Found this post through Craft Gossip. It's such a sweet idea, but the video just made my bummer day so much better! Thanks a bunch!

  3. These are adorable! Thanks for sharing! ;D

    Hope you're having a great weekend!



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