NAIL POLISH: Tribal..ish Nail Art?

I love closeout stores. I do, really. Specially when they have lots of nail stuff - I saw Sally Hansen salon effects (for S2.99! but sadly I didn't get it, even though it was the lace design that I love so much), cuticle creams, oils, buffers and of course, nail polish <3. I was really happy to get these Color Club nail polishes for a fraction of their original price. 

From L: Petal Pusher, Naturale and two unnamed ones
It's weird cause the bottles were different - the two named ones had flowers on the tip of the cap while the others didn't. They were also a bit taller. I looked it up and apparently the unnamed ones are part of a set - which one, I don't know yet - but ones that come in a set typically don't have a name and have different bottles. 

Anyway, I wanted to try Naturale because the colors are so different from the ones I've been wearing these days (neons and what-have-you's). I loved it because it looks so pretty and girly - with really tiny silver flecks if you look really really (and I mean REALLY) closely. But when have I been content on wearing nail polish like that? Never. So enter this design: 

I used Color Club's Naturale, Soo Nails' #s198 and a dark gray to line. So here's what went down:

Paint your base coat AND THEN your base color, wait for it to dry (in my case, I slept on it, hence the ugly lines). Tape it up like in the second photo, paint with your other color of choice. Line it up - I used a smokey gray instead of black. 

I was happy with the second to the last photo, really. But then my topcoat had to ruin everything. Does that happen to you? It happens to me a lot. Anyway, to save my mani and not be tempted to start over, I drew random lines (more like where there are major damages) and then added more lines until I was happy. So there. 

Whatcha think? :3


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