DIY: Geo Earrings (Another Paint Chip Earring Post)


I've been so busy this week - submitting papers, planning stuff, painting trim (which I will be doing again after this post -.-") that I've missed making the post that I've planned last Monday. So busy. But no worries, I'm here again with another paint chip earrings project for you folks out there reading this. Why paint chip earrings again? It's cause I'm a fan of really lightweight earrings. Anyway, read on! 

Source Image:

My inspiration actually came from this. They were selling it on HauteLook a few weeks back. Of course, this would be my kind of necklace but chunky ones like this almost never fit my fashion style. Plus it was on the expensive side, so that's a no for me. That's why I thought of making earrings inspired by this instead.

What you need: 

4 Paint Chips of your choice of color:
 - dark base: I used Zinc MSL267 from Martha Stewart Living
 - overlaying color: I used Lotus Leaf UL220-16m from Behr Premium Plus
 - accent dark color: Cordite HDC-MD-28d from Behr Home Decorator's Collection was my choice
 - accent top color: I decided to use Shale MSL276 from Martha Stewart Living
Scissors or an X-acto knife
Eye pins
Earring Hooks
Glaze/Nail Polish/Polycrilic (optional)
and of course, the pattern (download here)

Why in the world is it so dark every time I think of taking photos for my blog? Ugh. :S

Anyway, here's what you do:


Start of with your chips and the pattern, trace and cut four pieces of each shape. I like cutting the outer layer first, working inwards until I reach the final layer.

Cut all on the outside line, except for the topmost (smallest) piece. Stack them together and glue in place. 


Stick the eye pin down the center, with the loop jutting out of the base shape - use stronger glue like E6000 or hot glue. Make sure the loop juts out from the correct end! :) Wait for it to dry. 


Stick the pieces together. TIP: Sandwich both sides with wax paper and hold it with hairpins until dry.  This will ensure your earrings don't have hairpin marks and the sides will stick as flat to each other as possible. Attach your earring hooks. Line the sides with a permanent marker, just to give it a more finished look. And that's it! You're done, congratulations :3


Optional: You can coat it with paper glaze or nail polish. I suggested polycrylic as well but I haven't tried it on paint chips. If applying nail polish, be sure to not use many strokes - I did that and it messed up the topmost paint chip layer, although it went back into place when it dried. Just be careful o.o

So there you have it, cool geo earrings for everyday use. What do you think of them? Do you like crafting with paint chips like I do? Leave me your thoughts, and enjoy the rest of your day guys! :)


  1. LOOOOVE! I'm going to share them on pinterest and my social medianess. :)


  2. Do you do both sides?


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