Free Printable: Halloween Favor Boxes

I came across this free box template generator a few days ago - I was so thrilled I started designing boxes of different sorts. And then I figured, since Halloween is near, I should make favor boxes - they're prettier than the mini pumpkins from Party City that I used last year. So as always, I'm sharing it with you :)

It is available for download HERE. Print on cardstock, cut and score and assemble. Again, for personal use only. Thanks peoples! :)

 On both sides of the box there are warning labels. It reads:

"Too much candy may cause hyperactivity, or worse, it may cause your teeth to fall out..."

I figured I should warn kids just in case. There's no harm in trying, ya know :) Fill it up with candy and small toys. What do you think? Leave me a love note! :) 

Oh, P.S: Would you kindly vote for this design (if you like it) on Facebook? Please vote HERE. Thanks a bunch! :)

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