Nail Polish: Nude Frankenstein Nails

I haven't posted a nail polish-related post in a very long time, I just noticed. Usually I would post it every Sunday or Monday but I've been so busy working on other stuff that I don't get time to make fancy designs on my nails anymore. But this time around I had some spare time so I'm sharing with you a simple nail design. And yes...yes my hand looks awkward there. Excuse me. :D

Here's it:

It's very simple: Paint your nails your base color (I chose Sally Hansen CSM's Peachy Keen), then add lines with your striper brush - in my case, I just trimmed down a normal paint brush to the size I like. Finally, with the same brush, add your 'stitches'. Put a topcoat on an voila, done! :)

When I planned this post I never knew it would be so apt for the weather. #frankiestorm And excuse the photo quality, took these at night with just lamps for lighting. Anyway I better post this before power goes out @_@ Hope you enjoyed my super short post. Enjoy and be safe guys!

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