DIY Christmas Giftables: Star Cluster Hair Clip

I am so obsessed with stars right now as you can tell. I've been buying wooden stars, glass stars, acrylic stars - but I still don't know what to do with the left over stars yet. Hahahaha. Anyway, this is a DIY version of the hair clip I seen the other week. Read on for the full instructions! :)

So, what inspired me to do this awesome hair accessory? 
Drinking the Stars Comb, $55 from

This star hair comb from I just love how pretty it sits on the hair - but I cannot afford the $55 that it asks for. Plus I'd be too shy to wear something that big anyway. And I don't like combs. Maybe if they sold something smaller and not on a comb, I'd get it, but right now they don't. So I searched for alternatives to make my own - and it only cost me less than $5.

So, what do you need?

Sequins, acrylic stars in different sizes, loose flatback rhinestones in different sizes, felt/leather backing, nail polish/spray paint, glue gun, pins. All easy to find. I bought the acrylic stars from Michaels btw.  

First, paint your stars. Why this first? because you want them to dry fully, of course. :D You can skip this step and just use the color of your acrylic star. 

Next, fire up your glue gun. Stick your sequins on your tiny piece of felt/leather material. Don't worry about it being aligned or something - I find that it's better if it's not that aligned.

Now it's time to stick your stars on. Be sure to arrange them to your liking before sticking them down - trust me, it's a pain to stick them down only to rip them up again. :/

It should look like this - it's okay to have some overlapping stars. Now, try and pull off those annoying hot glue threads. 

Now glue your rhinestones on your piece. I find it easier to glue the big ones first, working on it until I just have enough space for the small ones. It's also more convenient to use tweezers.... unless you're a masochist and want to burn yourself. @_@ 

It should look like this. Isn't that pretty?

Now, slip your other felt piece (wrong side up) in your bobby pin - then drizzle glue on it like a crazy person... okay now stop, don't overdo it. XD

Stick it on your main piece and voila, a pretty star hair clip to use for the holidays. Or to gift. Although you'd probably just keep it to yourself. Haha!

I made one in silver (done without coloring the acrylic stars) and red too. You can try different color combinations. What color would you pair together? Leave me a comment. And enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. Very inspiring! I'm going to have to try my own version of this for my 33 Projects. Love it!

  2. Love this! Such a creative and easy way to dress up your hair :)


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