DIY Christmas Giftables: Cosmic Necklaces

I love making my own sparkly jewelry. Often I get inspired by pieces I see online (that are ridiculously expensive or ridiculously easy to make) and when I saw these earrings at Urban Outfitters, I was pretty sure I could make my own with materials I already had. So I DIYed yet again. These are so easy to make and you won't even be ashamed of giving them out. So read on and try it out!

What do we need you say? Well, just a couple of things really:
Round Bezel (blank pendants) - easy and cheap to find online, actually.
Nail polish - a must for my crafts, lol!
Mylar flakes - I'm pretty sure that's what they call these things. find them near other glitters at craft stores.
Mat - to protect your surface from spillage.
Jewelry hardware - necklace chain, clasp, etc. 

Okay - take your blank pendant and flood one side with nail polish. You might want to use a darker-colored nail polish as it makes the flakies pop out. Wait for that to flatten and dry.

Now, take some clear polish and flood the pendant again, but not so much this time.

Before it dries, hurry up and get your flakies - I got mine at Dollar Tree a couple of weeks back in the beauty section. Anyway, sprinkle until you achieve the look that you want.

This is what it should look like. Do not touch.

Hurry and get your clear nail polish again - and again, flood it. The more nail polish = more bubbles, so be patient. Wait for it to dry - give it a day. It would take around 3 thin coats to make a pretty glossy surface. But if you aren't that particular, one coat will do - or use a clear glass cabochon.

This is the product of impatience. Haha. The bubbles aren't really obvious from afar, but I guess I'm just too picky. LOL.

What do you think? Craft some up and enjoy your weekend folks! :)


  1. Hello! I nominated you for Liebster Award! :) Have fun!

    1. I had to google that one up (haha, I so have no clue). thanks! :D

  2. so cool! can't wait to make one.

    1. enjoy crafting tracey! and don't forget, don't be impatient like me. lol!

  3. are u indonesia too? hi, i am nida from Bandung. nice to see you blog. keep be a fabolous blogger

  4. Oh my goodness, just found your blog and LOVE IT ALL!!!!!


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