DIY Christmas Giftables: Stenciled Eye Glasses Case

It is my mission to share cute things with my family, friends and the world - one step at a time. This case is actually for my future aunt-in-law, who loves cats (everybody in my fiance's family loves cats) and wears glasses. It's really easy and inexpensive to craft and would make for a very thoughtful handmade gift. Try it out!

What do you need?
plain eye glasses case (I bought mine at Target a few weeks back)
nail polish
sticker paper
paint pen
strong adhesive

First, look for an image that you would like to use - look for something that looks good as a silhouette, not something too detailed. Click here to download the stencil that I used, I made one normal looking cat and one more modern (boxy) looking one.

Print it off on the matte (paper) side of your sticker paper.

Cut it out - make sure to cut it out nicely, as you will need the negative part and not the actual picture. Stick it on your eyeglass case.  I had to re-do this part because the stupid contact paper won't stick -.-

Dab with nail polish. Do this until you reach your desired effect. Don't dab too much or you'll see parts of the sponge on your work (like with mine).

Peel the sticker off. It should look like this. Don't spaz about the imperfect parts - we have a solution for that.

Get some nail polish remover and cotton buds and clean the sides up. After that, get your paint pen and trace the edges. See? All perfect now.

Stick your rhinestones on with E6000 glue or any strong adhesive. Of course, wait for it to dry.

And you are done! Now to make the packaging.

This is the packaging that I made - download it here if you would like to use it.

I think it is rather pretty. What are your thoughts? Share them with me. Leave a comment and have a happy week! :)


  1. I think its really cute..but I like it without the rhinestones

    1. I added it for bling, I cannot do without a ton of sparkle. @_@

  2. Cute! I like the gold color you chose for the cat. :D

  3. I just mad this! I saw this on Craftgawker and it was like you hacked into my mind, making me make this for my, once bland, eyeglasses case…AND I LOVE IT! I just did a simple white on black, though… Silver would've been pretty cool too.. But anyways, THANK YOU for posting this!!! My first, and most successful, craft in a very long time!C:

    1. you're welcome Sophia! I hope you enjoy your re-vamped case~ <3

  4. This is sooo lovely. I love the rhinestones as well. They make the case look very expensive.

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  6. Very cute! How has the nail polish stood against the test of time? I a friend who would love something like this, but I'm concerned about the wear and tear.


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