What Have I Been Doing?

So, I'm sure everybody's busy these days - I have been so busy I forgot to greet you all a Merry Christmas, so allow me to greet you properly, although belatedly: Merry christmas to you folks who visit my little corner in the interwebs. 

And although I'll be sharing a tutorial with you tomorrow for your New Year festivities, I want to share what I have been doing this past few days. Sorry for the photo quality - most I just took with my phone, under very low light conditions. @_@

One of my presents from my fiance - his name is Pop Rock. We love him so much, but then we did not expect that he would be kind of high maintenance (I am so not good with pets).

We were playing with him on Christmas eve, I made him a santa hat, cause you know, it's his first Christmas with us. He's very frisky - well, just when he's crawling around. 

On Christmas day my fiance took me to watch Legendarium, a Big Apple Circus show. I have never been to the circus, so it was fun for me. 

I love this poster - I must do a DIY version of it for my room...well, whenever I get the patience to. Haha!  

We were sitting pretty close to the ring, so it was  cool. The clowns were so funny. It was mainly an acrobat kind-of show though, no real exotic animals. But it was really fun! :)

And what celebration is complete without food? We love food. I made my fiance try lots of new things (for him, anyway). So there, all in all it was fun. What have you been doing? Have a happier new year! :)

EDIT: and hey, apparently I have 100 followers now. Yay! :) Thank you guys :D


  1. It looks like you had fun! But NEVER go to a circus which has exotic animals!!NEVER!They treat them in a very bad way so that they can do tricks! Their training is very cruel and I think they should be banned, but since they haven't the only thing that we can do is to avoid going to such circuses!Sorry for what I said but I wanted you to know.....I wish you a happy new year!

    1. I didn't know this, but thanks for informing me! I shall never go to one, I love animals. @_@


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