Nail Polish: Fancy Schmancy Nails

I love fancy nails on occasion (read: almost every weekend). Sometimes I find really pretty designs - most of them using nail stamps. I use nail stamps, but not very often because I'm usually too lazy to use them (although I really love them) and because I suck at stamping - yes it's the perfectionist in me. I recently got a really good gold polish, and while I was toying around with that, stamps and tape, I came up with this. I think it's a good way to not have to buy new stamps and to re-use things that are around the house (uh-huh, my truckload of craft stuff).


PRINTABLE: Welcome Poster

I just love autumn colors - no, I love the whole season. I love wearing boots paired with dresses and cardigans. I love the cold-but-not-so-cold weather, the festivities and all that. So, if you haven't decorated your house yet for fall - download and print this free poster - to welcome your guests for those future parties!


DIY: Anthropologie Inspired Jeweled Hair Clip

I seen this Precious Cluster Barette from Anthropologie and I instantly knew I had to DIY it because: 1. It was expensive for such a small thing and I'm such a cheapie and 2. I wanted a smaller clip. This is a perfect hair accessory for fall and for people like me who like to accessorize! 


NAIL POLISH: Addicted to Black

I was thinking of nail designs and thought I'd start using my darker-toned polishes, so I decided to use my beloved black, with gold. I'm loving this combination right now - no actually, I'm loving gold right now (Bunny {yes, I call my fiance bunny} actually bought me China Glaze's Passion to stamp with, since I've been looking for a really good gold polish for stamping - yay!).


PRINTABLE: Steady My Heart Bookmarks

Sometimes don't you just feel like you need to be encouraged to be able to keep going? I was listening to Kari Jobe's Steady My Heart yesterday, and was inspired to make these set of bookmarks for those of you who need encouragement - or want to give some.


DIY: Space Invaders Coin Pouch

Everytime I make something for me I will make something for somebody else, and vice versa. Usually, my fiance's the one on the receiving end, because I really love making him stuff. Yesterday, I was pestering asking him about what I can make for him this time around. He said he didn't need anything - but then I told him I was making him another coin pouch so he can throw out the first one I gave him. Of course, he said no, because he's just so sentimental like that (which I love, btw). But he did say I can make him another one for his other set of change. So yay! 

Today I made him a space invader coin pouch, in red, since he specifically requested that color. Why space invaders? cause he's a retro geek, lol. I may have taken it too seriously though, because I always give him game-inspired hmm.


NAIL POLISH: Welcoming Fall

It's almost autumn time - my favorite season. I don't like giving up the fun, bright colors of summer but sadly, everything ends. It's not like I'm following color trends though, not like that. I would still wear neons in the winter even if I'm the only one who will, lol. But to give tribute to my favorite season, I present you my "Anticipating Fall" mani. 


DIY: Free People Inspired Phone Case

Have you seen this Tapestry iPhone Wallet from Free People? It was on my facebook feed a week ago and I fell in love with it, though I didn't wanna shell out $28 for something that I'm pretty sure I could make myself (plus I had fabric like that too). So I made one! I also made one for my boyfriend I mean, fiance (why do I find it so weird to say that word?) - he likes old school games so I made one in the space invaders print. 

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Strawberry Bubble Tea - last call for summer!

I am in love with bubble tea, specifically strawberry bubble tea - blended or iced, it's all good to me. Yep, it's almost fall. But I can't be the only one who drinks bubble tea all year round right? I've been more obsessed, actually, now that I've discovered the secret to making really good bubble tea. It's in the strawberry syrup - I made it from scratch following the recipe from Use Real Butter., halved it and added about 1/2 tsp cornstarch and 1/4 cup sugar since I love being on a sugar high. So, without further ado, here's the recipe that will knock your socks off!


NAIL POLISH: Easy Polka Dot French Tips

I love Sally Hansen's Mint Sprint. It's the polish that started my obsession. It's also very obvious that I like circles and dots and balls --- hmm, that last part sounds inappropriate. Or is it just me? LOL.

Anyway, I wanted a toned down look for a change though I'm not ready to give up bright summery colors just yet. I've worn this tip twice now, the first time on my 22nd birthday - yes, I don't look old, and I am very happy that I don't. It's the asianity. Haha. (...and yes, I am well aware that there is no such word X3)

DIY: Ombre Notebook

Psst, you know that $1 section in Target? I love browsing that area. Most of the time I find something that's useful, or something that I want - and who cares, really? It's just a buck each anyways. Well, the other day I was looking around and found this notebook that I fell in love with (What can I say, I love circles @_@)


NAIL POLISH: Tribal..ish Nail Art?

I love closeout stores. I do, really. Specially when they have lots of nail stuff - I saw Sally Hansen salon effects (for S2.99! but sadly I didn't get it, even though it was the lace design that I love so much), cuticle creams, oils, buffers and of course, nail polish <3. I was really happy to get these Color Club nail polishes for a fraction of their original price. 

From L: Petal Pusher, Naturale and two unnamed ones
It's weird cause the bottles were different - the two named ones had flowers on the tip of the cap while the others didn't. They were also a bit taller. I looked it up and apparently the unnamed ones are part of a set - which one, I don't know yet - but ones that come in a set typically don't have a name and have different bottles. 

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