Nail Polish: Nude Frankenstein Nails

I haven't posted a nail polish-related post in a very long time, I just noticed. Usually I would post it every Sunday or Monday but I've been so busy working on other stuff that I don't get time to make fancy designs on my nails anymore. But this time around I had some spare time so I'm sharing with you a simple nail design. And yes...yes my hand looks awkward there. Excuse me. :D


DIY: Cute Paper Loot Bags with Free Printable

As I said, I love making cute stuff. The other day I was trying to make snack sacks for my little sister, but I ended up making this instead. Instead of keeping it to myself, I decided to share it with you guys, because I like sharing my crafts. :)


DIY: Geo Earrings (Another Paint Chip Earring Post)


I've been so busy this week - submitting papers, planning stuff, painting trim (which I will be doing again after this post -.-") that I've missed making the post that I've planned last Monday. So busy. But no worries, I'm here again with another paint chip earrings project for you folks out there reading this. Why paint chip earrings again? It's cause I'm a fan of really lightweight earrings. Anyway, read on! 


DIY: Glam Skull Earrings


I recently got obsessed with drilling through stuff. Yes - hard plastic, wood - god, I didn't know what I was missing. I attempted to drill metal before, but I failed so I shelved the project. But yes, now I have gotten over the fear of failure and made these just in time for Halloween. :)


Free Printable: Halloween Favor Boxes

I came across this free box template generator a few days ago - I was so thrilled I started designing boxes of different sorts. And then I figured, since Halloween is near, I should make favor boxes - they're prettier than the mini pumpkins from Party City that I used last year. So as always, I'm sharing it with you :)


DIY: Spider Necklace and a Nail Entry

As I told you before, I love that section in Target where you could get items for $1 or $2.50. I got these spider table scatter for the latter price, but I figured I'd be able to do a lot of crafts, considering they're 150 pieces. Here's the first thing I made from them! 


DIY: Paint Chip Ombre Earrings

I like candy corn - but I would not dare wear candy corn-colored earrings. So I figured orange ombre can be a good substitute, you know, for Halloween festivities. It's pretty easy, takes about 15 minutes (or less) to whip up.


Free Printable: Spooktacular Party Invites (for Halloween)


Hey all. I was doodling the other day - I was trying for spooky, but ended up with a cute hamster-bat hybrid. Made it into an invite - I would say it is very kid-friendly. LOL. I cannot draw scary stuff for the life of me. So, I hope you enjoy another free printable courtesy of moi. :D 


Nail Polish: Sassy Nails and An Awesome Haul~

I'm pretty sure this is a kind of common design but I wanted to recreate it with these awesome colors. Want these sassy, chic nails? then read on for the super easy tutorial. :)


DIY: Polka Dot Owl Shirt

I love those quirky prints that are trending these days - I love those owls. And so, here's another pretty straightforward DIY for you guys with a free printable stencil.


DIY: Ghost Lollipops

I like making cute things - wait no, I like making things cute. Recently I was thinking how to spruce up plain dum-dum pops for Halloween, and I thought of this simple but cute project that you can make as a craft project for lazy afternoons with kiddos (I do not have kids yet, only really young siblings :D) 

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