DIY: 15-minute Earrings from Snowflake Felt Ornaments

So, every after Christmas, decorations and such go 50% off - some people like to shop around this time for decorations they will use next year. I, on the other hand, snooped around to see if I could use anything for my DIYs. I found these awesome snowflake felt ornaments for half a buck, and thought I'd make something out of them. I'm not sure if you could still get decorations this late now, but if you have one laying around or if you find one, you can make this. If not, well, there's always next time. :D

What do you need:
Snowflake-shaped felt ornament
Jewelry Supplies (jump rings, earring hooks)
Rhinestones (of the same color as the felt ornament)
Good, sharp scissors

For this easy peasy DIY, just get your ornament and determine where you want to cut it. For the snowflake shape, I used one of its 'arms' for each earring.

Cut and trim properly.

This is what it should look like at this stage.

Stick your rhinestones where you think it would be ideal, with E6000 or a similar strong adhesive.

Add your jewelry hardware.

And you are done!

Yes, it was very easy wasn't it? This red one can be used for Valentines, too. Let your imagination run wild and think of pretty color combinations and what-have-yous. What do you think?

Meanwhile I shall bid you adieu until next week. Enjoy your weekend and try to stick to your resolutions!


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