Free Printable: 8-bit Hearts Triangle-Shaped Box

My fiance is a game freak, moreover, he is a lover of the old retro ones (the old Super Mario, Pac-Man, etc etc) and therefore, I try to get/make him stuff from the things he likes (although I tend to make the 8-bit characters because they're easier to make~) Anyway, with Valentines coming around, I decided to make some candy boxes with a geeky twist, and now I'm sharing it with you! 

So, here:

My computer is still dead but at least I managed to churn these babies out for you - each box measures 3" on each triangle side, with a 1" depth. Each page prints with two boxes. Just score the lines and stick the marked flaps - easy to figure out I'm sure. :) Download them here.

Fill it up with candies, gummies, conversation hearts, m&ms... Your bulk store purchases are good for this. Now I miss Canada's Bulk Barn. Who loves that store? THIS GIRL DOES.

One of the boxes say 'Be Mine, Valentine' and the other says 'Be My Valentine' with a blank space on top of the text for writing your sweet nothings - here I wrote my fiance's name with a silver metallic marker (gold would be prettier but I ran out -.-)

You can also fill it up with bigger items such as chocolate coins! or....

Or fill it up with jewelry, phone dust plugs, etc. Of course just not things like Domo-kun. He's too fat. 

As shown in the cover photo, you can also string them up like so (punch holes on the side with a 1/8" hole puncher), fill it up with candy/random stuff and hang it somewhere for your someone to surprise them, or as a geek-themed party decor (not mocking, I am also a geek at heart o.o)

Of course it looks so much better when there are actually lots of them instead of...four. I just got annoyed at folding. LOL. But when you do it, remember who you do it for and persevere! Hahaha. Anyway, are you guys gearing up for Valentines too? Leave me your thoughts, comments and violent reactions - bye for now! :)

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  1. this is amazing!! Love the techy vibe of these

  2. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! ^___^

    1. No problem, thanks for commenting katzi! :)

  3. Just stumbled across your site ~ LOVE these!! Saving this now as these would be perfect for my kiddos ~ not only do they have a techy feel, they remind me of Minecraft as well :)

    1. You're welcome! And hope your kiddos like them too! :)


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