Tutorial: How to Get Perfect Reversed V-Tips on Your Nails

Okay, so we get how easy it is to paint V-tips on your nails - just tape your nail and paint away. But what about those reversed v-tips? it's kinda tricky to get the same angle on every finger. I dunno if anybody thought about this already, but I wanna share with you how I do it. Well, read on!
It's really easy. Here's how you do it:
First, get those round hole reinforcement stickers. They're cheap and easy to find. Mark at about 1/2" cm (makes for a good angle, but you can adjust it to your desired measurement) from the top of the circle - measure and mark on both sides, and then draw a line connecting those two.Fold it right side inward, making both ends of the line meet - and then trim off from the end of the line to the top most part of the circle. 
Check the angle - you can trim it more if you want a steeper angle.
Now cut more for your other nails. I like that the holes in the center serves as a guideline for placement. Paint away! Oh, and you might want to do one nail at a time, so you can take the sticker off quickly - that usually gives me crisper lines as opposed to letting them dry a bit.
And there you have it - uniform, reversed v-tips on your nails (please don't mind the tip wear and the botched-ness of the middle finger, lol - it was the top coat's fault, not mine). Btw, if you were wondering, I used Sally Hansen CSM's Gray By Gray for the base color and Revlon's Fashionista for the tip. 

So, are you gonna try this? Happy start of the week! :)

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  1. Love these nails and the colour combo! I'm loving your blog and your diys, so inspiring.


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