DIY: Arrowhead Earrings Trial 2

I am in love with arrowheads, chevron and zigzag patterns. A while back when I made these arrowhead earrings I told you guys it was trial #1, because I wasn't that satisfied with it. Well, after posting that heart bracelet a week ago, I figured I could use the same pattern to make another arrowhead type earring. Then this DIY was born. It's easy, it's cheap and it's cute. I may make another arrowhead earring set eventually but for now I think this is better than the first. And well, I said there would be more tile spacer jewelry DIYs after that post last week so here I am again with another one. Read on and let's start!

What do you need for this DIY? Well here they are:
Tile spacers 
Nail polish
Jump rings
Jewelry chain
Earrings hooks
Jewelry pliers

Again, start by cutting your tile spacers like so. Trim and sand until edges are smooth and as symmetrical with each side as it can be. 

Drill two holes, then paint with nail polish. I recommend going around the edges first before you paint each side. Let it dry.

Assemble like so. 

And you are done! Easy and cute dangling earrings. I know, I'm too obsessed with making dangling earrings for reasons I cannot fathom - I don't even wear drop earrings that much. Anyhow, I hope you found this tutorial handy and informative. I am going to make another tile spacer jewelry tutorial sometime again, and I hope you stay tuned for that! Until then, drop me comments, give some love and enjoy your week! :D


  1. These are so creative and fun! When I first saw the photo I thought they were made of wood! Great job!

    1. They look like wood? Really? Well, thanks Beverly! :D

  2. Nice idea! :)
    xoxo - Check this DIY-Fashion blog out!

  3. I've only just found this and think the earrings are fantastic! I'd love to try them myself, but I don't think we have tiles spacers like that in the UK. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Check out your local hardware. They have different types :)


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