DIY: Decoden My Heart Brooch

So, I got my laptop back - had to re-install everything but all my files were recovered thank God. Well, except for my fonts. BOOOOOOOO. I spent two hours clicking through font sites and downloaded more than 100 fonts. I have an addiction, lol. Is anyone else like that? I hope I'm not the only one. Anyhoo, have I told you before how I love decoden? Embellishing random stuff with cute and sparkly, sometimes random things - I wish I was young enough / confident enough to rock that. I feel old, lol. I thought I would make something that's decoden-inspired but a bit more into the wearable-by-me-or-any-other-person kind of side. That is why I made this studded/crystal-bombed heart-shaped brooch. Just in time for Valentines, right? I didn't have studs on hand - I went to the dollar store (no, folks, there aren't any studs there) and found these headbands with stud-looking things. I used those, in lieu of real crafter's studs. Heehee. Anyway, read on for the tutorial!

What do you need?
Round studs or stud-substitutes in different sizes
Round rhinestones in different sizes (same color as your studs) 
Heart pattern (or just use a cookie cutter)
Brooch backing
Black marker

Before anything else, I wanna show you these headbands I found at the dollar store. See? they look kinda like studs right? They have a plastic backing. For a dollar each, not bad right? Anyway, on to the real thing...

Trace your pattern onto your base material - I used faux leather. Cut and see if they're the same size - trim until they are. 

If you found these headbands or maybe have something similar, I suggest you use cuticle nippers to cut through the links - edges will be cleaner that way. 

Glue the largest pieces first (I started with the largest crystals, then the largest studs...), placing them randomly. Next, stick the middle sized ones. I used a glue gun, although E6000 would be better - I just don't trust myself with E6000 and really tiny things.

Fill up the remaining spaces with the smallest-sized crystals. Please ignore my uber dusty computer and me...hahaha. Anyway, notice that the heart still has really small gaps? That really bothers me so we're going to add a second layer of studs/crystals. 

Glue your studs and crystals on top of those visible empty spaces. Remember, glue to your heart's desire! :D Doesn't that look better?

Okay, now for the backing - stick your brooch pin on the other heart that you cut out.

Cut a rectangle to cover where you stuck your brooch. You know those faux leather things that have the clean black edges? if you want to mimic that, get a black marker and just go around the edges with it. It won't be as good as the black edges on those faux leather things (cause I think that's actually rubber), but at least it would look cleaner.

Now, stick that rectangle down like so. Clean-looking now, right? :)

Finally, stick your two hearts wrong-side together. Start with hot-gluing half of the heart to the other half so you'll have a completely aligned heart. Glue the other half down once you're happy with the alignment. Go around the edges with your black marker again. This way it would look more finished and clean. 

And voila, now it's done. You have a sparkly, girly-but-not-so-girly heart that you can wear on your date - or anytime really that you feel like showing your heart. Heehee.

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Well, what do you think? Leave me your comments, suggestions and violent reactions down below. and don't forget, enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I think it's beautiful and easy!! Love it and thank you for sharing! Happy Valentine's Day to you! <3

    1. Thanks! Happy Valentines day to you too! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, and thank you for commenting too, Mardi! :)

  3. This is so lovely and simple too. I have just had to reload my new laptop too, such a pain! Can I ask, what is the font on your first pic that says Decoden your heart? I think it would cut great on my Silhouette. :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, it is a pain. The font is 'Reklame Script' and you can get it here: :)

  4. This is brilliant ^_^

    Now, about the are not alone ;) I have thousands of fonts, haha! If you are looking for an easy, no-work-involved way to get free fonts delivered to your email, check out this yahoo group:

    This guy emails the list with a pack of fonts at least once per month. He's been at this for years. The last email had 165 fonts, plus a pack from last year [Valentine's themed]. Love this guy and his fonts!

    1. Thanks Tara! And omg, you're feeding my addiction lol! Thanks for the tech group link, I'll be checking it out after this! Haha. :))

  5. I really like the idea of making your own brooch! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Found you via craftgawker

  6. I absolutely love this and I've tried twice to make it and I'm using the same "studs" from the dollar store and acrylic jewels I purchased at one of the craft stores. I'm also using the E6000 and the jewels look nice and shiny until I adhere them to the leather. Then they look cloudy. I'm making sure to not get any glue on top of them. I'm hoping maybe you have some advice? Thank you so much, Patty

    1. As stated, I used hot glue to adhere them. It's faster. Plus maybe you should use jewels with a silver reflective backing? That wouldn't show the cloudiness, I would think. I hope you're successful next time! :)

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