Free Printable: Love is All You Need Card + Envelope Belt

Yay! First post in February! Lol I know I'm a few days late and that we're only....9 days away from Valentines Day, and although I don't have a date cause mine is like, 400 miles away, I'm still preparing stuff for what I'm going to send to him (my card is epic I tell you, epic!) and for my little sister's school Valentines party. While I was messing around with photoshop (yet again), I whipped up this little printable for you guys. Read on!

Okay, let's be a bit cheesy today. This is my printable for you guys today:

The card, as usual, measures 5.5" x 8". And since my computer hasn't been fixed yet (it's nearly done, I hope my files get recovered! pray with me!), I put my blog logo on it instead of my usual printable logo.... Anyhoo, download this cute little card here. :)

The belt I think is super cute. It measures 2" x 10" and goes around your envelope vertically. It has a little box for you to write your recipient's name on. Oh, and don't forget to cut around the lower half of the heart! Download the belt here.

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So, as usual, I would love to hear from you guys. Do you have any printable requests for Valentines? Drop me a comment and enjoy the rest of your day folks! :D
PS. Oh, and yes, I shall shamelessly plug the new-ish Facebook page (I am so sorry for not updating the site yet! Anyway, as I was saying, if you like/love the blog....Minted Strawberry for Facebook - like the page here!


  1. How sweet! Your site makes me want to go dig up my printer! :)

    1. You should! I'll most likely have more printables in the future :D

  2. Thank You Aki!

    To download the lovely heart card.

    Best regards Eva


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