DIY: Easy Rope-Wrapped Candle Holder

I've been whipping up a few things this past week that I haven't really been blogging about (yet) because of their unfinished status. Haha. The other day I was thinking of rope-wrapped things after seeing a rope-wrapped vase from a Ballard Designs catalogue. I've made a few rope-wrapped vases and was attempting to stick jute rope on a candle but then I found out it won't really stick (I know it's a blonde moment lol). So I thought of another way to make a faux rope-wrapped candle. Take a peek at the how-to after the jump!

What do you need:
Painter's tape cardboard core - or any tape core really
Jute rope - or any thick rope of preference
Paper tape -or anything you want to use to cover the inner part of the tube
Hot glue

 First, cover up the inside of the tube with paper tape or anything you wanna use to cover it up. Cut up the excess.

 Now start wrapping rope around it, hot gluing every few inches. Please ignore my horribly disgusting nails. LOL

When you get to the end, just cut the rope at an angle parallel to the wrapped tube.

Now take your twine, and braid it. After that, hot glue it on the edges of the tube like so. This is just purely for a cleaner finish, but it's up to you if you want to skip this step or not.

Now you're done! See, clean and professional looking right? :)

Now time to display it. I've yet to finish decorating the living room but at least I'm progressing bit by bit. I'm so into rope-wrapped stuff right now. How about you guys? What are the trends you're incorporating into your living space? Leave me your lovely thoughts down in the comments box and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. That looks great! Very simple and clean looking ^_^ I really want to incorporate the geometric trend into my living room somehow, but I haven't done so yet (still waiting for the perfect idea, I guess!) ^_^

    1. Thanks Lisa! And oh, may I suggest using throw pillows with geometric design to start? And then maybe this tutorial that I'm really loving right now -

  2. I LOVE jute and twine in projects. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  3. very natural and easy to assembly. thanks for the idea


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