DIY: Rib-like Curved Bar Necklace

I often make pieces inspired by most of the stuff I see online. This tutorial is inspired by this Alien Vertebrae Necklace from Daily Look that I saw whilst browsing the amazing world of the web - and then I changed it up a bit because I wanted a wider/bigger looking necklace and used a different material. I've looked for bar-type beads and I've seriously haven't found long ones, so I used brass tubing instead. It's really easy to work with. Read on for the how-to!

What do you need:
36" long 1/8" Brass tubing (found in hobby shops, or art stores near the modelling/diorama pieces area)
Mini tubing cutter
Eye pins or Wire
Jump Rings
Jewelry pliers
Spike beads

Measure and mark five 3" on your brass tube. Cut them up using your tubing cutter. I recommend you check the accuracy of your cut by comparing and checking the last piece you've cut with the one that you're going to. If you don't know how to use a tubing cutter, well, it's really easy, but it would be easier for you to watch this video right here - it shows you how to use it. 

Next up is shaping them - you'll want them a bit curved but not too curved - use a mug or something of that sort to shape your tube (press it against the mug, but don't use too much force or else said mug will break). Don't worry, it's pliable.

You'll have two options in this step - either make a loop with the wire, thread it and loop and close the other end (check this tutorial out on how to make the wire loops) or just get really long eye pins, glue it and stick it inside using E6000 - that's what I did. Wait for that to dry.

Now, just assemble it as illustrated in the photos above and below. I cut two 8-ring chain links to connect the bottom bar and the spikes. I also cut eight 6-ring chain links to connect the bars.  

It's a bit frustrating to do this part, sometimes you'll get a really twisted chain at the other end, or a bar end that's not really that parallel to the other end.. but persevere! You want that amazing necklace right? :)

And that's it. Rejoice that you have conquered the frustrating process of assembling it. And walk around with your swanky new necklace that cost you really cheap to make but looks high end.

I actually have another piece that I'm going to DIY, as soon as I can get another brass tube and other materials. Hopefully you'll see that DIY soon. Heehee. :) What necklace/earring/jewelry piece are you eyeing right now? Share it with me in the comments box and maybe we'll figure out a way to do it. Now excuse me while I paint the ceiling of our family room. Haha. Enjoy your long weekend folks! :)

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  1. This is so cute! Must try this one out
    Erica xo

    1. Thanks Erica, glad you like it! Oh, btw I love the name of your blog. :3

  2. I LOVE this necklace. Great design!

  3. Very pretty! Thanks for sharing at Pinworthy Projects.

  4. P.S. You can also find this tubing at your local hardware store for a discounted price, and you're supporting local businesses!

    1. I looked at my local hardware, and I didn't see them. :?


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