On Sweets-Laden Birthday Cakes

It's my favorite sibling's birthday today. That meant making her a cake. I usually fail at making cakes, but I just wanted to share this one because it's the most successful one I've ever made. I was inspired by this Rainbow Pocky Cake from Eat Show and Tell, but I couldn't get pocky before her big day so I had to make do with what I had on hand. My sister doesn't like nonpareils either so I subbed that with fruity pebbles, which she loved. It's not all that great, but it was from the heart, lol. 

Here's the birthday girl with the cake. Happy birthday little sister! :)

Sorry for the crappy photo - this was taken the night of the party, and without good lighting, I couldn't really snap a better picture :D But! Lesson learned: Never make a birthday cake surrounded by chocolate wafer sticks, kids will just pick them out. That's what happened to mine -.-

Here's a little secret: I used a box cake mix. Shhh. It didn't really taste like it came from that though, just use this following tutorial from Bronze Budget Bride to make it taste like bakery cake - it works, I swear! Anyway, I shall leave you for now to enjoy the remaining of your weekend. It's Monday again tomorrow. Enjoy!


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