DIY: Aztec-Print Gold and Blue Pot

I can finally feel spring - flowers blooming everywhere and everything's much greener. My mother just finished planting some bulbs and I tried planting some too. I don't have a green thumb, so the ones I tried planting died (or at least, they look dead to me). So why am I posting about pots now? Well, I'm still growing spring onions - did you know that when you put the root cuttings in water they grow again? - and I needed a pretty pot for it. I was intending it to be really simple, like, a chevron pattern or some polka dots, but with most of my projects it evolved into something else. Nevertheless, it's still easy to do, so read on to know how!

What do you need?
A four-sided cheapie pot - I got mine from Target's $1 section. You can easily get this at the dollar store at this time of the year. 
Cardboard or stiff paper
Masking tape or painter's tape
Exacto knife
Spray paint or medium of choice
Paint markers

Fold the paper in two, then make two slanted parallel lines with your ruler. I used a 45 degree angle for my pot. 

Cut out the paper, then use it as a guideline for the tape. 

Continue taping until you've covered all four sides. Tape the edges and other spaces you want to be covered. Cut out excess tape with an exacto knife. 

Spray paint! I used two coats of paint. I know I'm a nail polish-paint kind of girl, but I'm enjoying the fast and better coverage properties of spray paint now that it's getting warm. Spray painting in the winter is a bad thing for me, I'm too impatient. Anyway, wait for that to dry. I give it a day or so to fully dry (so the paint won't be tacky to touch).  After drying, take the tape off. See the imperfections? We'll use our markers to cover those up. 

Add your details that you would like, just don't go too crazy. It would help if you have an inspiration pattern or something. :D 

Do it on all sides, pop your plant in and then you are done!

You can also use it as table top decor, but I think my onions are happy in their new home. I thought it was going to be another fail DIY at first but thankfully it turned out well. Did you guys have any DIY fails recently? Come and talk to me on the comments box! I hope you guys are enjoying your week so far. :)

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  1. That's such a cool idea!!

    1. It wasn't what I envisioned in my head. But thanks, Sophie! :)


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