DIY: Ditsy Floral Braided Convertible Necklace/Headband

I'm in the mood for something floral - it must be my inner girlishness and all that spring fever.  I mulled about making this after seeing some inspirations online (this Aquaculture Necklace from Anthropologie & this Hooper Headband from Jack Wills). I loved both, so I got ideas from each and made this. I was originally intending it to be just a headband...but it evolved. Sometimes I just can't set my mind to do just one thing! Haha. Well, I guess it's useful - everybody loves a multipurpose accessory, like those hair ties that double as arm candy. Anyway, keep reading for the how-to!

You will only need these basic materials: 
Ditsy floral print fabric - be resourceful! I got mine from a dollar store pillow case cover. 
Elastic hair tie - these ones from Goody are the ones I used 
Jewelry pliers
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread 

First, cut up your fabric - you'll need a two thin strips (about 1.5" width x 24" length each). Cut up a 25" strand of chain as well (if it's too short later on, just open a link and connect another strand of chain). Start about an inch from one end of chain, tape both strips like shown in the photo. This is just to hold this to braid - don't worry we'll cover that up later :)...Or you can just sew it all together (without the tape, of course). 

Braid until there's no fabric left. Sew the ends of the fabric and the chain together. 

Take a strip of ribbon, about 2" in length and cover the end up. See, now it looks clean. Do the same for the other end. Oh - and don't forget to melt the edges of your ribbon by passing it quickly through flame, you don't want fraying ribbon edges. 

You will notice the chains aren't the same length now - don't worry, that's easily fixed. Count how many links you have on the shorter chain, count the same number on the longer chain and trim the excess. Or you can also divide the excess in two and then transfer one to the shorter chain. For mine, I used 18 chain links for each end. 

Get your hair elastic and assemble the end as shown - don't use a jump ring, that's just for illustration purposes. Think of the jump ring as the last chain link on your necklace - open the chain link and thread through the second chain link after the ribbon. I know that sounds confusing - it's easier to just look at the photo! :D 

Do it as well for the other end, making sure your chains aren't twisted while doing so. You will now have something like the photo above. 

Now plug your hot glue gun, get the center of the elastic ring, pinch and glue together to create something like an 8 or an infinity sign - just like in the photo above. 

Take another strip of ribbon and wrap it around elastic, covering the point where you can see the hot glue. And you're done!

I love it as a necklace, paired with tanks.

But I love it more as a headband, since it's comfier than normal headbands (I get headaches when I wear too tight headbands for too long) - plus if it's too constricting you could always adjust the chain. So, there you have it! :) What spring-inspired craft have you done these past few days? Tell me in the comments box, or leave me your thoughts on this project, or radical reactions. Heehee. I always love reading your comments, guys, really. Enjoy the weekend! :) 

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  1. Can you use flexi-lace hem tape that's 3/4" wide instead? Please answer!
    Your craft ideas are very cute, by the way. UPDATE: I AM NOT A ROBOT!!!!!!!!!

    1. Your I am not a robot update made me laugh :)) And I was mulling about that and I believe that you can, although it might turn out too thin.

    2. Ok tried it and it turned out awesome! Thx for replying, wish I could do a few photos though:) I'm a ten years old girl obsessed with crafts, that's all I'll tell you:)

    3. Plus my name is 马怡园 the first one means horse and I was born in the horse year

  2. Super cute idea! You're so creative! I'm going to try making one of these in baby version for my little one! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. You're welcome, and thanks :) Hope you have fun trying it out!


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