DIY: Free People-inspired Star Wand Bun Picks + another round of BlogHer Hair Sweepstakes!

Who loves putting up their hair in buns? I do! It's so easy and convenient, but sometimes it looks under-dressed or messy or not thought of at all. I made these picks to dress up my hair buns just for that reason after seeing something similar online. And it's so easy and cheap to make - as usual. Read on for the tutorial!

My inspiration came from these Celestial Bun Picks from Free People. I love Free People but right now I just don't have the extra money to spend on their stuff. Except maybe for some tops that I may be too lazy to DIY. Heehee. 

Celestial Bun Picks, $38 from Free People
After looking around for something similar, I came across this Tinker Bell Party Favor Pack from Party City while assembling favor bags for my little sister's birthday party. In the favor pack there are wands, bracelets, rings, tiny hairbrushes and notebooks and mini frisbees. So I suggest you find mini plastic wands in the toy/favor section to make your own. If ever you buy this party pack, there's always stuff you can do with the other things - like butterfly earrings from the butterfly-shaped bracelets, coasters from the mini frisbees etc. Plus for the value, you can't really beat it - I mean, one bun pick from Free People is $38 while the pack only costs $10 plus the fact that it has a ton of other things. These were the wands that I got:

What do you need:
Mini plastic wand 
Primer - I used the one in a spray can
Gold paint - spray paint or nail polish
Big box for spray painting

Meet Mr. Spray Paint Box. He's had months of abuse now.

This is really easy. What you do is take your wand, prop it up to one side of the box and then paint it with your primer. After that's dry paint the other side as well.

Next, spray paint with your color of choice. I used Rustoleum's Pure Gold, but I guess there's a much better gold spray paint out there (just you wait, I'm just finishing this can...). Anyway, do the same thing as above while spray painting it. Wait for it to dry. While waiting for that to dry, how about watching this video from BlogHer TV showing you how to put up your hair into a sexy bun. Perfect for this accessory! Watch it for a chance to win prizes. C'mon watch it now:

Enter BlogHer's Hair Sweeps again! I know you want to:

And don't forget to check out the Sweeps rules: 

Check on your pick now - is it dry? does it need more spraying? Add another coat if needed. And you are done!

Now I just have to set out to find a crescent-moon shaped wand to make into a bun pick. Don't you think it's the perfect accessory for a bun? I just love it. How about you guys? What do you use to accessorize your buns? Leave me your thoughts and have a wonderful rest of the week! :)

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