DIY: Leather Lip and Moustache Bracelets

I want to say I made this as a nod to pop art culture, but really, I just wanted to make something quirky and odd-(ish) for me to wear. Not that it turned out really odd, but still. I actually thought about this right after I made the scalloped necklace. You know the  feeling when you've done something and the possibilities are endless, kind of thing? It was like that. A eureka moment. Although looking back, it's kinda sad that I use my eureka moments for oddball stuff like this. I question my choices at times.

What do you need:
Lip/Moustache Pattern - get it here or draw your own
E6000 / strong glue
Felt backing / any backing of choice
Snap fasteners
Needle and thread

Print the stencil on freezer paper. Cut the excess and iron it down onto the backside of the leather/fabric. Cut around the outside of the stencil line. Re-use the stencil to cut around a second pattern on your backing of choice. I highly recommend using good quality felt, but I'm too cheap for that so I used craft-store stiff felt. It's not that bad, it just gets really dirty-looking after awhile.

You'll have two identical shapes now. By this time I was laughing to myself and my mother was like 'What the hell are you on?'. Anyway, match them up to see if you need to trim the other to make an exact fit.

Next, sew on your snap fasteners - one on the left side of the front part of your leather, and the other on the left side of your felt. The side without the fasteners sticking out will be what you'll glue together. Anyway, make sure to attach the fasteners before gluing the pieces together.

You might want to paint the leather as well (if you're poor like me who doesn't have leather/pleather in lots of colors). Actually, I just wanted to show you how luscious these lips looked when I was painting them with nail polish :))

I think I need to spray-paint these again.

Anyway, stick the leather and the backing together, wait for it to dry and you are done! Make just one, or make different colors. Stack them up, Or use them as cuffs. 

It doesn't really look like a moustache or a lip when you're wearing it - if anything, it looks like a dainty peter pan collar for your wrist. Nevertheless, I think it's still a fun and quirky accessory. Although I might do something a bit more extreme. Now tell me, would you wear something like this? Or is it too out there? Converse with me friends, down at the comments box there! Now I must go prepare for a party. I hope you enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I would definitely rock these. I like that it looks a bit more abstract when wearing. I've gotten kind of tired of the whole mustache trend, so it's cool to see something a bit more abstract.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Try stacking the lip ones, I tried it the other day (but forgot to take a photo) and it looks really cool (for me anyway lol). Thanks for stopping by Shelby! :D

  2. Agree with what Shelby said above about the abstract feature. Love the shape it turns into when you round it on your hands :)

  3. so pretty diy!!!!
    lovely post!!
    I invite you on my blog .. .. let me know what you think .. I'm also a creative!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog btw! :)

  4. I've never seen this before, really creative. I love how they turn out when you wear it. You are right, it doesn't look like a moustache or lip at all, and I love that. Personally i love the gold one, it reminds me about greek goddess. If I make it, i will wear it. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thanks Bonita! You should make it - it's a good statement piece :3

  5. Uh- are you KIDDING me??! Sad? I love your ideas, and it's cool when you have it on, and it looks like some interesting shape. And then, when you take it off, you are like, "Seriously. I mean, it's pret-ty hard, isn't it, to tell that it's lips, or a mustache?"

    -Angeline PS: can I comment on your about page? Once again, sor-RAY to bother ya, but, ah mean lah-yik, I really wanna wraht some n' on ya about thin'- a story, mayba? A short groupa sentences. Don't wanna bother ya none though, a'course!

    1. Thanks. Haha. :) And sure, you can of course :3


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