DIY: Scalloped Bar Necklace

I made this necklace to make me feel better after failing two attempts at refashioning shirts. I don't really have an inspiration with this one, I just incorporated the bar necklace trend with some scallops - a detail that I love so much (yes, I am times). These scallops are made from faux leather - doesn't look like it eh? I don't know how to cut brass sheets (I'll get to there eventually!) so I thought of a way to make it look metal. Want to know how? Read on for the tutorial.

What you need:
Faux leather - preferably in gold, but if you have some on hand that's not, don't fret, we have a solution for that! :D
1/8" Brass tubing
Mini tubing cutter
Jewelry chain
Jump rings & clasp
Jewelry pliers
Gold wire
Eye pins
Freezer paper
Scallop stencil (get it here)
E6000 or any strong adhesive
Mod podge
Gold spray paint, nail polish or medium of choice

Cut a 3.75" piece of round brass tubing and using a standard-sized/shaped mug, bend it as shown in the photo. Make a loop on one end of your wire, thread it through the tubing, make another loop at the end and cut the excess. Attach it to your chain. For a more in-depth tutorial on cutting, shaping and alternative methods of attaching the tubing, please visit this other Bar Necklace DIY post of mine. Or you know, just ask me :)

Next, draw your own scallop shape or print the template on the matte size of a piece of freezer paper. Check the scale against the curved bar that you just made. You'll need two of those. 

Iron it on the wrong side (I cannot stress this enough! Haha!) of your faux leather of choice, then cut as precisely as possible. You want your shapes to line up. If you iron it on the 'leather' side, the heat will melt the fabric..and yeah, I did it so I know. lol.

Get two long eye pins and slightly shape them to a curve that follows your scallop line. Take your glue/E6000 and stick it like so. Wait for it to dry slightly before attaching the other side. After attaching the other side, place a heavy book on top so it'll flatten nicely. 

You may stop at this point if you like the look, but I wanted it to be Check out the next steps on how to make it look gold. If not, attach it to your curved bar using  four or more chain links on each side (depending on how low you want the scallop to be). 

Take your mod podge and coat the scallop with a thin layer of it. My fabric frays a lot (cause of the backing), so I made sure to cover the edges pretty well. Plus it makes for a cleaner edge. 

Tape the eye pins to protect them from the paint. Paint one side with your medium of choice (I used spray paint this time because it's warmer and it doesn't take forever to dry anymore :D) and wait for that to dry. After drying, paint the other side. I recommend propping it up against one side of a cardboard box so the back won't get extra paint residue.  

Link it up to your chain (I used four chain links) and you-are-done! I guess it's easier to use gold-colored faux leather to completely avoid some of the steps but I was working with what I had. :D I think it's a pretty cute design that's different from all those punk-y bar necklace designs that's been flooding the market recently. Don't you think? 

I'm really seriously obsessed with 'bar' everything nowadays. They're too cool. Now tell me, are you guys obsessed too? Or do you find it too simple? Leave me your lovely thoughts and I hope you enjoy your weekend :) 

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  1. So cute! Thanks for the awesome tutorial :)


  2. This necklace is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial.

  3. Pinning, now! This is so cute. Thanks for the tutorial. P.S. I'm your newest follower! I would love if you followed me back @

    1. Hey Kady! Thanks. Following you now as we speak :)

  4. love handmade jewelry! so pretty :)

  5. u r amazing!!!do happy that i stopped by ur "place"
    i really love all ur DIY!!!
    i already follow u!
    hope u like my blog and follow back!
    keep going!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Following you now as well! :)

  6. This necklace is so cute! Great idea to use leather.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Just using what I had on hand :D


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