DIY: Convert your Loafers into Cute V Flats

I know what you're thinking - why would I ruin such a perfectly good shoe? Well, here are my reasons: 1. I'm not into loafers (yet, anyway) but I saw this at Kmart for dirt cheap and I was like 'maybe I'll learn to love them' but that was 5 months ago and until now I don't love them. 2. They were a bit too tight on me. So off I was cutting it off and remaking it into something I'd actually wear. If you have a loafer or something that you hate, or don't love anymore at least, why not give this DIY a try? You will have to read more, though :D


DIY: Shapes Necklace

Sometimes just simple shapes can make the biggest statement. This tutorial was inspired by this Samma Necklace I saw while I was browsing Pinterest. I couldn't really find how much it was but it looked expensive. So I DIYed it, yet again. Modified it to my liking (I'm not really that into bib choker-type necklaces). I used basic wood shapes you can buy at any craft store - and this time I didn't use a drill. Read on for the how-to :) 


DIY: Messy Side-Spiked Headband

I'm too obsessed with hair accessories right now - this tutorial is another proof of it. I realized I haven't posted any jewelry DIY in a while.. but don't worry, I'm planning the next one to be an easy-ish necklace DIY (saw inspiration online, can't wait to make it!) But for now, I shall share this tutorial with you guys to tide yourselves over until then. Read on to see how I made this, and maybe it'll be easy enough for you guys to have the drive to make your own. :)


DIY: Tiger-head Detailed Flats

My fiance went down from Canada for half of last week and my brain is still too frazzled to get back into the loop of things. Haha! Today I shall just share a quick tutorial with you on how to convert your old ballet flats into the trendy ones seen these days - have you seen those animal-head detailed flats? They're so cute and easy to do. Read on for the how-to!


DIY: Delicate Pearl Bow Hair Accessories

Today I'll be showing you guys a simple way to create pearl bow adornments for your hair - it can be made as a barrette/clip, or glued to a headband to create a pretty, elegant accessory. I've been trying to make something from pearls for quite a long time (for me) and I've always failed. Thank goodness I created something right today or else I'd go crazy... anyway read on to find out how!


DIY: Modified Magic Braid Bracelets

I like magic braid bracelets. But for some reason when I wear them they always seem...lacking. So I thought of a way to incorporate a different material into each - started fiddling with it. I guess with this method you can't really call them 'magic braided' bracelets anymore, but I like it better this way actually - it gives the bracelet more of an oomph especially if you're inclined to wear just one. As usual, you have to read more to find out how I made these, so go on! :D


Free Printable: Matthew 7:7 Subway Art

We all need reminders sometimes - and what better way to remind us than to hang that saying/verse/what have you on the wall, right? I used my brand new Silhouette Portrait (which was graciously gifted to me by my awesome fiance for my 23rd birthday - I really have the awesomest person with me ever <3) to cut the letters on contact paper and use it as sort of a stencil. I'll be sharing this printable with you in three formats, so read on for the downloads!


DIY: Animal Silhouette Collar Tips

Do any of you like collar tips and animals? If so, today's your lucky day. I'll be sharing how to make these cute animal silhouette collar tips, and variations on making them. I've been thinking of something easy to make for the blog (sometimes I just don't know what to craft until the last minute and lately I've been so obsessed doing other crafts that I've yet to share with you guys still) and thankfully this idea came to mind. Read on for the super easy peasy tutorial!

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