DIY: Convert your Loafers into Cute V Flats

I know what you're thinking - why would I ruin such a perfectly good shoe? Well, here are my reasons: 1. I'm not into loafers (yet, anyway) but I saw this at Kmart for dirt cheap and I was like 'maybe I'll learn to love them' but that was 5 months ago and until now I don't love them. 2. They were a bit too tight on me. So off I was cutting it off and remaking it into something I'd actually wear. If you have a loafer or something that you hate, or don't love anymore at least, why not give this DIY a try? You will have to read more, though :D

You will only need:
Your ugly loafers
Heavy duty scissors
Heavy duty glue (E6000 and the like)
Hair pins

First, cut the top part of your shoe. Don't be afraid, it's not that bad.

Cut off the sides as well, up until the junction as shown in the photo.

Draw your pattern - I drew a deep V. Don't draw something too deep though, or you'll end up with unwanted toe cleavage in the end. It's easy to adjust your V until you get the desired plunge. 

Cut from the middle to the joint of the V-shape.

Cut off the backing fabric completely. You should just be left with the top fabric.

Get your trusty heavy duty glue and glue them by folding them inside.

Use hair pins to secure them while waiting for them to dry - but don't do it like me, use paper or something between your pins and the shoe to avoid any hair pin marks.

After drying you now have some new awesome FAB shoes. Wasn't that painless? Don't worry about the tips of the V looking a bit unfinished - when I wear mine they don't really show. If you're too conscious about it you can color it black with a fabric marker. The question for you guys is - yay or nay? Would you wear this type of shoe? Leave me your thoughts, and enjoy the last day of May! :) 
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  1. It's a total YAY for me!
    I even wanna buy loafers now... An Idea I would never have before!

    I love them!

    1. Thanks Violaine! It's super easy to do so try it! :D

  2. what a great idea and you could so jazz them up with trim or puff paint ( like alisa burke does) :)TFS

    1. I'm planning to jazz them up a bit with ankle straps :)

  3. yes and yes very well done thanks for the tutorial

  4. I just inherited this exact style of shoe, and I wasn't crazy about the shape. Definitely going to try this! Thanks for the great idea and the tutorial. They're red with the same black leather (plastic? something else?) trim, so I may retrim the edges with black grosgrain ribbon or something.

    1. Maybe you could trim it with bias tape? Just an idea. :) Thanks for liking Annie! :D

  5. Yay! Excellent idea! I do not like loafers on my feet, but I like ballet flats, so this is an excellent fix for the loafers that are All the rage now. thanks for the good idea!


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