DIY: Messy Side-Spiked Headband

I'm too obsessed with hair accessories right now - this tutorial is another proof of it. I realized I haven't posted any jewelry DIY in a while.. but don't worry, I'm planning the next one to be an easy-ish necklace DIY (saw inspiration online, can't wait to make it!) But for now, I shall share this tutorial with you guys to tide yourselves over until then. Read on to see how I made this, and maybe it'll be easy enough for you guys to have the drive to make your own. :)

What do you need - really basic and cheap materials for this one:
Plain plastic headband
Different sized spikes
Needle and thread
Hot glue
Match and candle or those portable torch things - use caution!

First we'll be wrapping the headband. This is totally optional if you have the same ribbon/headband color. But I think it looks cleaner and less handmade-looking if you wrap it first. A few tips to remember while wrapping a headband: 1. It's easier to start with a slanted-cut ribbon; 2. Hot-glue it every few centimeters. That's what gives me a clean-looking wrap. 

My cuticles are in really bad shape. 
When you get to the end of wrapping, wrap the ribbon twice around to create an edge that won't hurt the back of your ears (when you wear it). 

Mark where you want the side-spike to begin and end - use it as your guideline when attaching the spikes.

Using a needle and thread of the same color as the ribbon, attach your spikes loosely - strategically placing them even few centimeters. I started by attaching them near each line edge of the wrapped ribbon and attaching extras wherever it looked 'bald'. 

I ended up with something like this. Remember to attach it loosely - about two stitches each would do the trick. Don't worry if it the stitching is messy, it'll be covered up anyway. I used two different-sized spikes, but I used more small ones than the medium-sized ones.

Finally, wrap the ribbon. to create the messy going-all-directions kind of look. There's no exact science to this - I just cut my ribbon up in half, singed the edges so they won't unravel and wrapped it messily like shown above. You will want to remember some things though: first, you have to wrap it tight , and second, you have to cover up where you attached the spike to the headband base. You will want to arrange the spikes going every which way - just eyeball it - and you are done! :D

I always look so derpy. No make-up too. Hmmmm.

This punk-inspired hair accessory is the perfect touch to my choice of outfits lately - it gives just the right amount of 'ungirliness'. Are you guys till into the spike trend or have you moved on? Hope you love it as much as I do, and if you have any suggestions, comments, or whatever (or maybe you just wanna say hello) - drop me some comments down in the comments box. I hope you have a nice long weekend! :)

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  1. That is such a great idea! wow <3

  2. super cute !!!
    but I wont get spikes here in India probably !!!
    what to use in place of spikes???

    1. You can get them on eBay. Or you can just use polymer clay and make your own :)

    2. hey hi!!
      just wanted to tell you
      I got my hands on some silver spikes today!!

    3. Awesome! Now you can make these! :)

  3. Looks great! I'm still totally loving the spike trend ^_^

  4. I'm not really one for hair accessories, but I'm loving this. Also the red colour is so great.

  5. Thanks for sharing, this looks awesome


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