DIY: Modified Magic Braid Bracelets

I like magic braid bracelets. But for some reason when I wear them they always seem...lacking. So I thought of a way to incorporate a different material into each - started fiddling with it. I guess with this method you can't really call them 'magic braided' bracelets anymore, but I like it better this way actually - it gives the bracelet more of an oomph especially if you're inclined to wear just one. As usual, you have to read more to find out how I made these, so go on! :D

For this particular DIY you need the following:
Leather / pleather
Xacto knife 
Jump rings
Lobster clasp 
Leather hole punch

Cut up your leather - mine ranged from 7" to 7.5" by 3/4" - length depends on your wrist size. Give some leeway since it's going to get a tiny bit shorter once it's braided. I recommend sticking with the width - I found out that the fatter the bracelet is, the uglier it gets. LOL. So we're going to have kinda skinny bracelets. That's fine, right?! Anyway - divide your strip lengthwise into three 1/4", leaving 1/2" space at each end for the clasp. Mark and cut that. Refer to the photo above if my instructions are still fuzzy :D

Cut up the middle strand, leaving 1/4" inch at each end - poke a hole with the tiniest hole-maker of your leather hole punch.

On one end, connect your chain. I recommend using medium sized or maybe chunky chain. Skinny chains don't really give much of a look. But I suppose it's up to you. 

Braid as you would a normal braid. It's sooooo much easier than the magic braid version. Once you get too the end, it should look like this. Attach the end of the chain on the other hole. Voila! Hard part done.

What's left is just adding your clasp - or maybe a rivet if you have one. And you are done!

See, you can also add a charm. This is what I like about this. Although looking back, the colors I used were kind of bondage-y. Hmmmm. ANYWAY - you can also pile them up with normal magic braids and other accessories or keep it simple with just your watch and another favorite bracelet. 

So, are you guys loving it or hating it? Are you a keeping it simple kind of girl/guy or an I-love-lots-of-arm-candy kind of one? What are your suggestions on wearing this? Leave me a comment and let's talk about it! I hope your week is still going great, tata for now! :) 

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  1. Thanks for sharing on BRAG ABOUT IT Tuesdays with BeBetsy! We love the braid bracelets - very creative. Hope to see you again soon. Sharon and Denise

    Olá!!!, amei o seu blog muito lindo sucesso, Deus seja contigo
    já estou te seguindo. OBRIGADO PELA VISITA
    Curta e participe do meu blog e fan page

    -Love, the girl who used lace for the necklace/headband

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