DIY: Shapes Necklace

Sometimes just simple shapes can make the biggest statement. This tutorial was inspired by this Samma Necklace I saw while I was browsing Pinterest. I couldn't really find how much it was but it looked expensive. So I DIYed it, yet again. Modified it to my liking (I'm not really that into bib choker-type necklaces). I used basic wood shapes you can buy at any craft store - and this time I didn't use a drill. Read on for the how-to :) 

Materials you need:
Wooden shapes - found in craft stores. 
Popsicle sticks
Plastic canvas
Hot glue gun
X-acto knife
Metal ruler and scissors
Paper and pencil for drawing the pattern
Gold spray paint
Eye pins and chain
Lobster clasp and Jump rings
Jewelry pliers
{...that's a long list of materials, but I didn't really buy anything except for the wooden shapes so it was still really cheap. In any case, compared to the inspiration, this is really, REALLY cheap}.

I only bought circular wooden shapes cause I figured I can make the square and triangle ones from them. Later on I thought I'd just make the square ones using jumbo popsicle sticks I have lying around. For the popsicle sticks: Measure the width of your stick, then use that as a guide to draw the squares. Line and cut. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Give your shapes a light sanding. 

Draw a crescent shape on your paper (it's easier to fold the paper in half and just draw half of the shape so you'll have a symmetrical shape in the end). Cut and try on - you may have to do this a few times. Trace the paper stencil onto the plastic canvas and felt. You will use the plastic canvas as the base for your shapes and the felt as the backing. 

I recommend laying out your shapes before you start gluing them so you'll at least get a preview of your final product. Anyway, using your hot glue gun, attach your first layer - it's easier to work with the bigger shapes, then the medium shapes. After the first layer, use your medium shapes and small shapes to make the second layer. Don't forget to fill the gaps with the tiniest wood shapes you have. 

Clean as much glue residue as you can before giving the front and the back a few coats of gold spray paint. Wait for that to dry.

Glue the eye pins on the tips of the crescent shape (on the back of the piece) as shown in the photo. Wait for that to dry - I recommend using stronger glue like E6000 if you have it. Attach your felt backing and then wait for that to dry as well. 

Attach your chain (I used two strands for each side) and your lobster clasp the way you would construct a normal necklace and you are done! Congratulations!

It seems like a really long and tedious project but in truth it was really easy. The outcome is stunning (at least for me) as well. I feel like it's a good accessory to have for those summer night-outs with friends or your special someone. ;D

What do you guys think, yea or nay? Tell me in the comments! And hopefully I can go back to the normal flow of things soon - this month had been a really really busy but fun one. Also, I'm open to suggestions on what to DIY, or at least I'll try making it. So lend me your thoughts in the comments box, it would be much appreciated! Hope your week has been good and will continue to be. Tata for now!

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  1. Very clever. Eager to make one similar.

  2. Nice job. Just a few things I would have changed, like put the triangle on the bottom center. Just to make a better shape. Thanks for sharing. I may try one for myself.


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