DIY: Tiger-head Detailed Flats

My fiance went down from Canada for half of last week and my brain is still too frazzled to get back into the loop of things. Haha! Today I shall just share a quick tutorial with you on how to convert your old ballet flats into the trendy ones seen these days - have you seen those animal-head detailed flats? They're so cute and easy to do. Read on for the how-to!

What do you need, you say? Well, just these few things really:

Ballet flats - preferably with bows
Animal-head earrings - I found mine for $3-$4 bucks at Forever 21. When I saw them I thought they'd be perfect for this quick little project. 
Needle and thread
E6000 (optional)

It's as easy as:

Disassembling your earrings, and....

Stitch the hole where the earring hook was under the bow of your ballet flats. If yours doesn't have a bow, then make them and assemble them like the photo above. It is optional to glue it down with E6000 - I didn't, as I wanted to have the option of taking the earring out easily. If you used E6000, wait for that to dry.

And you know what? you are done! This is an easy update for your old ballet flats. Don't they look trendy now? Are you guys into this animal trend? Tell me in the comments and let's talk. I shall think of more things to share with you but for now, I shall say goodbye. Till next time! :) 
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    I am going to try this out myself!

    1. Thanks! I hope you have fun making them :)

  2. I LOVE these!
    This is such a great idea! I wish I could find some earrings like this...

    Btw, I love your blog, you have so many good ideas, so inspiring... I like coming here!


    1. I found mine at Forever 21. :) And thanks, I hope you enjoy the future posts! :D

  3. such a cute idea, they look great!


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