DIY: 5-Minute Cute Bow Clips

Sometimes, all we just need is something easy and fun to craft, right? With a few easy steps, I'll show you how to make these cute bows to adorn your hair, or actually, anything that you want to embellish with bows - I'm thinking about making a pair for my v-flats in a pinkish color, if I can find pink leather, that is. Anyway, let's jump to the tutorial, shall we? 

What do you need for this project? Just these:
Leather / Pleather / Felt
Glue gun
Square notepad paper
Clip / Barrette / Hairpin / Shoe clip - or whatever you want to attach these bows to. 

Fold your square piece of notepaper in half, and then half again. Draw a somewhat triangle shape as shown above.

Cut that while the notepaper is still folder in fourths, and you'll come up with something like this when you unfold it.

Trace it on your piece of leather or felt, then cut that out.

Glue just the ends down toward the center of the 'butterfly' shape.

Do the same to the other side.

If your bow has steep Vs in the middle, trim them down as shown above - I just eyeballed it.

Take a strip of your fabric, glue one end at the back of the bow and wrap that around the middle of the bow. Glue the other end down when you reach the back again.

Take a small square piece of felt and wedge it between the prongs of your hair pin like so. Add glue and stick the backside of your bow down.

And you are done! Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to make something special - now come on, try it and tell me! What would you embellish with these bows? Leave me your thoughts and have a good weekend folks! 

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  1. These are pretty much the cutest thing EVER! I love little bow ties for my guys and these would be perfect for baby gifts! Great idea!

    1. Thanks Mackenzie! Glad you find them cute ^^

  2. Would be ideal to keep the hair out of our hairy doggie's eyes. Wish I could find plastic clips that lock the hair in as these would be wonderful. Love the idea and want to try out as soon as I find those wretched invincible plastic clips............

    1. You might want to try Etsy for that - they usually have a boatload of hair clips that would fit different needs. :D

  3. This is lovely. Thanks for the tutorial! Followed the link i found on mollie makes


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