DIY: Boho Gem Clips

I've been thinking of what to post today when Bunny suggested that I make sapphire-colored hair accessories. I didn't really have sapphire-colored stuff for crafting so I dug through my craft pile and found unfinished painted flat-back gems (the kind you can buy cheap at the craft store). At the time I was making them I was planning to make a necklace out of it (I think) but then I changed my mind and abandoned the project (I have lots of those. Anybody else?). Anyway, once I found them, I thought of making these things - especially since I recently got some sapphire-toned nail polish. But as always, my project evolved and I felt like painting them tons of different colors... mainly in the blues family, but still. Read on for the easy tutorial!

What do you need for this? 

Flat-back gems with holes on the sides
Nail polish
Jump rings
Two flat-nosed jewelry pliers
Glue gun
Hair pin
Charms (optional)

So, this tutorial is super easy and straight forward:

Paint your gem and wait for that to dry. I find that nail polish is temperamental in this case - some bubble when you put on a thick coat (like what it commonly does on fingers when you're painting your nails) and some don't. Experiment and see. Some of mine needed only one thick coat and some needed a few thin ones. 

Once it's fully dry (after a few hours - seriously, or else you'll have thumbprints all over it), add your jump ring on each end. Don't worry if it doesn't go all the way through - as long as you secure both ends of the jump ring inside the hole then it's all good. Give it a tiny extra squeeze to make sure it doesn't fall off. 

Add your chain - open up the link and attach it to the jump ring. Attach the other end to the other jump ring. I used a 3-inch chain for a nice drop. 

You can also vary this step - I added a drop charm on one, and added a double chain on the other. Be creative and figure out what you'd like and what looks good on your hair :) 

Cut a tiny piece of felt and sandwich it between the prongs of your hair pin. Dab a bit of glue onto one side and stick the back of your gem onto it. You are done!

It's actually fun making these. You can make them in different colors to match different outfits. You can make them in different sizes and pile it on one hairstyle. It's also for people who aren't really comfortable with head chains but want that boho-vibe. If you aren't a fan of hair pieces though, you can always use the painted gem as a pendant (like in the photo below) - great for layering with other necklaces (as I am so obsessed with that right now), or a bracelet charm or maybe a pair of earrings. Endless possibilities again, I tell you.

So what do you think of this DIY? Would you wear something like this? If yes, in what color? And if not, what modifications would you make? Of course answer all of those in the comment box below - I really do want to know what you think! And every comment makes me smile. :) So yeah, that's it for now - enjoy the rest of your week folks!!

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  1. These are adorable. If I didn't sport a shaved head, I would definitely wear these. I think I would try a few bracelets layered up with other bracelets. Thanks for the beautiful idea!

    1. These as bracelets are a really wonderful idea - I made some and they look good. Thanks for dropping by Lani! Glad you like it! :)

  2. I love the idea of making these gems opaque with nail paint..these would make fun earrings

    1. They do although you might want to use smaller gems :3

  3. I like this idea, thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. I love how many different things can be customised just with nail polish. These look great, I'll definitely be trying them :)

    1. It's one of the reasons why I keep buying nail polish. Heehee. Have fun making them!

  5. I could use beads instead of gems! I will make 'un tomorrow, definitely! Angeline
    Postscript: I will do a comment again because right no I can't cause I'm doing it on an iPhone in the car feeling dizzy well bye!

    1. Hey Aki, couldja do me a favor? Follow this link and scroll down to read the winners. The intermediate age group winner is me. Scroll down to the 2nd photo, and the second girl from left in magenta dress is......ME! Please believe me, coz it actually is me. REALLY! And now...... read the elementary winner.

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    2. It's Angeline-again!!!! OMG, how MANY times does zat gal need telleeng tu do somezeeng? AKI??!! Just wanted ta check if yar still thay-yah, checked around blog for your last activity, which was a comment in HYAH!!! Well, after that, ah couldn't fahnd comm-mayants or ANYTHIN'!! SO, just wonderin' where ya gotta. PLEASE, if you can see this (actually I'd prefer that you can see this), follow those links or just search my name and Sakura Yamamoto. Please! AKI??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Desperately, Angeline Ma 马 怡 园

    3. I did! And I saw you! That's so cool. :) You're so young... I feel so old! :D

    4. You believe me? I thought that you were........erm........*gulp* DEAD! I'm so sorry, I was just so worried about you.



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