DIY: Macrame-Braided Slippers with Rhinestones

I recently did a tutorial for a slipper refashion over at Buzzfeed. It's really easy, you only need...

Well, you only need:
Slippers - neutral color is much better, so your macrame braid will pop out. :)
Embroidery thread in at least two colors
Glue gun
Embellishments - gems, or whatever you want/. :)

I think it's a pretty easy refashion for those ugly slippers that we all have - plus it makes the slipper thongs comfier - I swear they chaff less now than they did before. So there, I hope you liked it - leave me a comment of course, I love hearing from you guys :)

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  1. Love these!! I have rhinestone and chain flip flops but I may try this on my old navy ones!! Awesome tut! I love how you have the animated gifs :)

    1. The old navy ones are perfect for these - I made one from theirs too. Haha! Oh, and I use for the gifs :)

  2. These look wonderful! I'd like to decorate a pair of my slippers you can also make the non-slip dots on your slippers it will look cool . I have tried and these dots looks better with jeans .

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  3. What a great idea! I will have to show this to my daughter!

    1. Thanks Tonia! Hope you have a fun time making these with your daughter :3

  4. All of them were so pretty nut the Slippers with Rhinestones stood out to me. This is such a cute idea and if it keeps my little ones out even for a few minutes. I'm all for it.


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