DIY: Tangram Necklace

I used to love playing with tangrams as a kid - I swear that thing would amuse me for hours on end. Now I see them as good pieces to play with - when making jewelry. Let me share with you this tutorial on how to make these cute tangram necklaces. They're actually perfect for everyone's needs - you can make it simple, complex, elegant, colorful - and it's very modern. Read on for the how-to! :) 

What do you need:
Wooden tangram puzzle - I got two sets of magnet-backed ones at Dollar Tree. 
E6000 glue
Felt / leather for backing
Eye pins
Jewelry pliers
Paint medium of choice 

Peel off the backing if there's any. The ones I got at Dollar Tree had a magnetic backing, so I peeled that off.

Try and figure out what shape you like. The above photo shows you some examples - you can flip some pieces to make them symmetrical if that's what you're in to. Also if you plan on painting it, do it now while it's not attached to each other yet. I painted some of mine with nail polish and some with gold spray paint. 

Glue the sides with each other using E6000 - make sure the glue doesn't ooze out.  Wait for that to dry. 

When it's dry and sturdy, trace the final shape onto paper. 

Pin that shape onto your backing and cut - cut the pattern slightly smaller so it won't go beyond the back line of your shape. Fit onto your tangram pendant and then trim as needed. 

Glue your eye pins down like so before gluing your felt backing piece. Make sure everything's dry and secure before attaching your chain.

Assemble your necklace - use the end link of the chain to attach the chain to the head of the eye pin. It's easier to do this with two flat-nosed jewelry pliers. Add your lobster clasp on the other end and you are done!

I like that I can make this really colorful and cute one and wear it with casual clothing. It looks perfect for summer right? Or you can make spray paint them back and gold and make a statement necklace like I did below. They're all so light too, so weight isn't much of a problem, although I guess if you make a really big one then it WOULD matter.

What do you guys prefer - colorful or gold and black? I'm really torn. Haha! Leave me your thoughts in the comments box as usual, and have a great week!
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  1. I really like the colourful one, the colours really complement each other :)

  2. I really like the coloured ones, but I would probably *wear* the black and metallic ones ^_^

    1. I find the colored ones easy to pair with white shirts, so you should try something like that :)

  3. I bet all the fun I had as a kid with it is nothing compared to the fun of wearing such a necklace! must try.

  4. These are cool! I love all the different shape combinations you can come up with.

  5. Are you really a geek? I'd be thrilled, because I love when smarties (like me, not to brag- I GO TO THE GIFTED PROGRAM- YAY!) love to craft and DIY and, of course, love fashion! Well, do you? I certainly hope so!
    Love, Angeline- the girl who used lace for the headband necklace! Postscript: you said you were a geek on your Pinterest page, so I'm anxiously awaiting your response!!!

    1. *praying silently*

    2. I guess so? Haha. I went to the gifted program in my country too when I was younger. :)

    3. In Japan? Wow....... *eyes open wide in enchantment* I'm going to two levels above math next year, and I go to writing seminar! I'm so happy I could kiss you! *Don't worry, I won't kiss you............ or will I? That question remains unanswered.........

  6. These are so fun! I used to love playing with tangrams when I was younger, and my kids have just started getting into them. Maybe once they lose interest, I can steal them to make cute jewelry!

    1. Haha! you totally should, but they might love playing with them like you did :)

  7. I like this. It's colorful and cute ><


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