DIY: Wrapped Spike Bangles

I was thinking of  making something spiky and colorful at the same time - and after seeing these cute hoop earrings from A.L.C. - I felt like it was the perfect inspiration for what I was thinking about. It was really easy to throw it together too - I made two in less than 30 minutes. So if you need a last minute gift for someone punk-y but girly at the same time,  or maybe someone who's a trendsetter (or maybe follower?) you've found the tutorial to use. Of course, the full tutorial is after the jump so I suggest you read on :)

For this DIY you will need:
Metal bangles -preferably in the same color as your spikes
Embroidery thread
Hot glue gun

Heat up your glue gun - you want to attach your spikes before wrapping it. Attach 3, 5 or 7 spikes depending on your preference - just remember to attach odd numbered spikes - it always looks better with odd numbered things. Also, remember to have them evenly spaced.

Start wrapping with your embroidery thread. You'll want to wrap it a few centimeters away from the first spike. Before wrapping,  glue the end of the embroidery thread down inside the bangle and wrap twice or until the glue is covered. Start wrapping towards the spike.

When you get to the spike, wrap the the embroidery thread around it three times around the base to secure it then proceed with wrapping the rest of the bangle.

When you get to the end, dab a bit of glue on the inside of your bangle and wrap a few times with the embroidery thread.

Voila, done! Takes a few minutes and is super trendy. What say you, folks? :D

Pink or green? Hmm. I really love them both!

I think I prefer just one with other bangles or bracelets - two might be overkilling it. How about you guys?  How will you wear this? or will you wear this at all? Leave me your comments in the comments box of course and I hope you guys have a happy and exciting weekend! :) 

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  1. You sure are make things that are inspired from others! Like...hmmm...that Anthropologie necklace and the Jack Hooper headband- yours was with a bow, created with I'd never think of THAT! No WONDER you are so smart- Angeline, that bothersome, annoying girl who doesn't even realize how busy that Aki must be and keeps commenting for NO GOOD REASON! (comments in background "what an idiot...even though 'she' is apparently a ROBOT.....) (Angeline glares accusingly with lips pursed, coughs)

    1. oops....I forgot to say that the bow was created with a hair elastic...sorry! Oop, am I being too much of a pest??!! Angeline the "Robot"

    2. No Angeline! Your comments actually make me laugh :)) Thanks for the compliments really :) I appreciate them!

  2. Wow, what a lovely idea. Where did you buy the spikes from?

    1. I got it from eBay from this seller: :)

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