DIY: Kite-Inspired Geometric Hairpins

I wanted to make something out of felt - and I wanted it in different colors. This was an easy craft that I'll be sure to do again and again - the end product is definitely something that I'll wear often. Do you wanna know how to? Find out after the jump!

For this DIY you need:

Felt - in different colors
Stiff Felt 
Fabric glue 
Hot glue gun
Pearls (optional)
Contact paper or sticker paper

I am so obsessed with contact paper for crafting these days. Anyway, take a tiny scrap of contact paper and fold that into fourths. Cut a diagonal line - making sure that one straight side is longer than the other.

Now open up your diamond and cut that into fourths.

Stick one piece onto one of your felt sheets and cut, following the triangle pattern. Do the same for three more different colors.

Now stick them down onto your stiff felt with some fabric glue. Of course you can use your hot glue gun to stick them down too, but then this makes it cleaner and less bumpy (for me anyway). 

After your tiny felt triangles have adhered onto the felt sheet, cut the diamond pattern out. 

Take a bit of stiff felt and sandwich it between the prongs of your hairpin. Snip the corners as shown in the photo so it won't peek out of the diamond shape.

Drizzle with hot glue and then stick your diamond shape (right side up of course) on top. Please excuse my really dirty glue gun. Haha!

You are done! If you want to, glue some pearls at the end like I did on one of mine. I think it makes it look prettier. 

You can always make it into a necklace if you don't feel like wearing a cutesy hairpin like this. I loved how my necklace turned out!

I don't know if I'm loving it more as a hairclip or as a necklace - wearing both together would definitely be overkill. How about you guys? Love it as a hair clip or as a necklace? Leave me your thoughts in the comments box below and I hope you have a good weekend! :) 

P.S. If you entered the {Styled} by Tori Spelling giveaway, don't forget to check the post to see if you've won! :)

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  1. Hairpin! The pearls are great add-on! They look so pretty on your hair :)

    1. Thanks Onel! :) The pearls do make them much prettier :)

  2. I love wearing hairpins. But I really love how your necklace turned out!

    1. Glad you love it Bonita! Isn't it so hard to choose from them @_@

  3. I don't know, actually. Both are quite nice. Maybe I will make both, and not wear them together on the same day. Definitely not! Overkill, absolutely! Also, Aki, I asked you if you know about Shugo Chara or Detective Conan, and also what music you like on your about page. Bye!

    Angeline P.S. I'd rather you reply on the about page and read on the about page, coz I wrote more there. Mmmmmm, is that ginger and scallion cod? (bounds off to smell mom cooking)

  4. I love the hair clip! What a great design!


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