DIY: Striped Stenciled Shirt

I feel like my posts have been getting fewer and fewer - sorry about that. I've been too busy these days 'cause I've actually started planning for my wedding! and yes, folks, I may be crazy, but I'm planning to DIY most of it. Anyway.... I've been thinking of something not jewelry related to post for today - and since I've been wanting a graphic-ish shirt I decided to stencil a white shirt I recently bought. Read on for the how to and to get the template!

What do you need? Here are the stuff:
Shirt in your color of choice
Fabric paint in two colors
Contact paper
X-acto knife
Cutting mat / Cutting machine

Click the photo, right-click and then save image. Print out the stencil and trace onto your contact paper - resize as needed. Cut it out with your ruler and x-acto or cut using your cutting machine.

Stick it onto your shirt - now you want to get fabric or parchment paper and iron that contact paper to adhere it more to the shirt. This will make your stencil less prone to sticking up and having those ugly imperfections.

Now with your sponge and fabric paint, color that thing in - you want to just sponge the paint not spread it around as with a paint brush - again this will give you a cleaner line. Wait for that to dry.

Now taking your second color and a new (or newly washed) sponge, dab some color on the left edges of the letters. Dab to feather the color leftward (or rightward, depending on what side you added the color on) so it'll look like it's fading. Wait for that to dry as well.

Peel the contact paper, put parchment paper on top of it and iron that on to heat set the fabric paint. And you are done!

Wasn't that easy? I feel like I'm going to make more of these in different colors.. How about you guys - what do you think of this DIY? Of course tell me in the comments box. Don't forget to tune in Friday for something fantabulous! I hope you have a fab fourth of July!

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  1. Congrats! I hope you have a great, memorable and unforgettable wedding :D

    It's not crazy to DIY your wedding party. I think it is an incredible job! If you don't mind, I would love to see your DIY wedding. Maybe some documentation of your project.

    For this stenciled shirt, is it a tough job to cut the stencil? I see many stripes, i'm just wondering.

    1. I would if it turns out as I envision it. But for now, I have my doubts about DIYing (I kinda am obsessed with

      Anyway, for the stencil I used my Silhouette to cut it. I would say if you have to cut it manually, it would be a somewhat tedious job but it's doable. :)


    And also, there's a link to another, Like an Artist

    Both are hilarious, I suggest you go there ASAP!

    Angeline PS: I put a post request in your latest post, the giveaway! Please check the comics out, and tell me what you think of Yuumei!

  3. Hi! This is a really cool DIY, and I was wondering where would someone find contact paper! Also, is there a brand of fabric paint you recommend? Thanks!

    1. You can get contact paper at dollar stores, craft stores, hardware stores, some discount stores and such :) you can also get them at Target too!

  4. great idea en waar kan ik de contact paper kopen?

  5. great idea. looks beautiful.
    i wanna follow via bloglovin :)

    freak in you

  6. Where can i buy tshirts like this?!?

    1. The one that I used is a Hanes brand shirt. :)


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