{Styled} by Tori Spelling - Customize your Own Jewelry in Minutes - a Review and a Giveaway!

Hey folks! It's my first ever giveaway on this blog! I'm so excited to share with you the magic that is {Styled} by Tori Spelling. So many things possible with this line - I swear, and I love every bit of it.

This is the package of goods I received. Let me show you how I played with them here in this post:

Enter here for a chance to win $50-$75 worth of {Styled} by Tori Spelling goodies, much like the package of goods I played with. 

Yeah, that's my surrogate blog for my reviews, giveaways and such. I suggest you go check it now, the giveaway will end next week. So - see you there? Bye for now! :D


  1. Hello, Aki. It's Angeline.......here with a post request! I know, I understand your shock- it's uncharacteristic of me to ask, 'coz I'm so kind and understanding. However, I found a bottle of Clinique coral-pink nail polish that I am willing to use, and I have a coupla fabric scraps. I have also acquired a temporary obsession (we all have 'em) with wrap bracelets. These don't haffta go together in a project, a'course, I'm just curious to see your ideas. Oh, and I'd love to see a runway/designer inspired thing! Not that ya don't have any.

    Angeline turning 11 on OCTOBER 13th! I know; it is a while.

    1. Wow, my first post request! Haha. Sorry I haven't replied much Angeline I was busier this week (preparing a cosplay outfit for New York Comic Con! :D) Anyway, right now I don't have ideas yet but I'll tell you when I do! Haha, sorry to disappoint for now! And super advanced Happy Birthday to you. :3


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