DIY: Easy Gem and Tassel Necklace

These past few weeks I've been in such an emotional roller coaster I can't even begin to describe to you guys. For now, everything's...okay. I appreciate all the prayers and encouraging messages. I'm trying to get back on track and remembering why I started this blog in the first place, so I'm trying to motivate myself to post more and such. Bear with me, guys. Today I've made this easy necklace to share with you, inspired by this Vanessa Mooney necklace I saw while browsing the internet. You only need a couple of stuff, so read on to find out how I made it. 

Supplies needed:

Acrylic gems (6)
Jump rings
Lobster clasp
Jewelry pliers

Let's start with your gems - I used flat-back acrylic gems with a hole on each end. In total, I used 6 of them. I love these since they're color-changing when light hits it.

Now get your jump ring and thread the flat back gem (back to the back of the other flat back gem) and close the jump ring. 

Add another jump ring on the hole on the other end - it will give you these kinda chunky beads. I did back-to-back because I didn't want the flat-back of the gem showing. You can just use one per link but it looks more finished if you do two like I did.

Get your chain and cut off a section - mine's about 2 inches long, and attach one of the gems to the other (if you're using not-so symmetrical ones like a tear drop shape, make sure your gems flow in one direction - meaning pointed tip up and fat bottom on the bottom). Do that twice until you make this link.

Cut off random-length chains. Fold the chains in the center and you'll find your center chain link. Thread that through one big-ish jump ring. Build your tassel until you get your desired chunkiness. 

Thread the jump ring of the tassel to the jump ring of the last gem. Close the jump ring to secure the tassel. 

Cut around 20-22 inches of chain (depending on your desired necklace length) and attach that to the jump ring of the topmost gem. Don't forget to add your clasp on the center of that chain you just attached.

That's it. You are done! It's cute isn't it? Well that's it for now. I think it'll be fun to make this with different beads/gems/etc. What color are you gonna make this in? Leave me your lovely thoughts friends, and be safe always.

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  1. this is amazing, so beautiful! xx

    Martyna | NEON MIZZLE

  2. Love the way you used the stones back to back like that. Super cute!

    1. Just OC with showing ugly flat backs. Haha. Thanks Kelsy!

  3. Really really cute have all the material lying around in my closet !

    check out this cute bangle
    would love to know how you feel about it

    1. Make some now! And I headed over there to see :)

  4. This necklace is really cute! And so easy to make. Where did you get the gems? I've seen similar gems at my local craft store, but none with holes in both ends.

    1. It is super easy, took me less than 30 minutes lol. And I got mine in the Philippines, actually. I have never seen them here although you can get similar ones on Ebay. :)


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