DIY: Paper Earrings/Hairpin

In my quest to use my Silhouette Portrait more, I have succumbed to making paper jewelry. See how I made it after the jump!

Supplies needed:
Cardstock in your color of choice
Cutting machine
Mod podge (optional)
Jewelry supplies (jump ring, chain, earring post, and other things you may want to add)

Cut out your shapes using the template. Resize it as needed before you let your cutting machine cut it. If you don't have a cutting machine, you can always use a punch with a cute shape and just follow the technique.

Cut about 20 pieces for a pair of earrings, or 10 pieces for one solid shape for a hairpin.

Start gluing your shapes to one another - if you used cardstock, about 10 pieces of the shape is enough. When using cardstock, it's best to use one without a white/black core. Here, I used one with a white core. The easiest way for me to glue them together? Use a pouncer or at the very least, a cut up sponge = less mess and easier glue distribution.

After gluing things down, it's best to sandwich them in a thick book for half an hour or so, just until the glue dries and you'll be left with a thick, flat shape. If you don't do this, chances are your shape will curl up towards the center. Also, you may want to coat it with mod podge to seal it, but I didn't bother to...for now.

Add your jewelry hardware and you are done! What do you think? Some easy, girly coral earrings are glam, no? 

Or you can also spray paint it gold and add it to a hairpin (I can't resist, haha. Time is nearing when I can't spray paint anymore so I have to spray as much as I can!). You can add pearls, tiny shells, etc - whatever you want to better it, actually. What do you think about this project? Of course tell me your thoughts, comments, suggestions, violent reactions, etc. I'll be here listening and replying albeit late sometimes. Take care folks!


  1. I'm always paranoid that paper jewelery will get ruined by water no matter how much sealant I put on it. But these are so cute, I love that punch!

    1. I tend to get really careful around water with my paper stuff. Haha! Plus, you can always make them again. :)

  2. Cute! How about this.....make a hole at the base and use a stud earring of crystal or pearl inserted into the hole. Adds some bling and make them totally interchangeable..
    Thanks for sharing your works of art with us.


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