DIY: Another Aztec-Inspired Accessory - A Necklace

I saw a certain pair of earrings while I was perusing the web and like some of my pieces, I fell in love, wanted to buy it, couldn't because it's expensive and I am poor. So as with some of my pieces (yet again), I decided to DIY it and make it into a necklace because I think it would look more awesome as one. What I love about making your own jewelry is you can make it with whatever material you can get your hands on (most of the time anyway) - you can make it with wood, paper, acrylic, shrink plastic or even brass. I like making stuff in brass, but sometimes, using an alternative method is good too (it keeps you creative, in my opinion). Read on to find out how I made this necklace with an acrylic photo frame!

Contact paper / Sticker paper 
Acrylic photo frame
X-acto knife
Steel ruler
Drill with ____ bit
Sandpaper/ Dremel
Spray paint
Elongated beads
Eye pins
Jewelry pliers
Necklace chain

Cut out your pattern on sticker paper or contact paper. It helps to fold the paper in half, draw the pattern and then cut it out. Mine ended up to be ____ inches across. Make another one that's slightly smaller than that.

Now, stick that to your acrylic piece and cut. To learn how to cut acrylic, check out this post. For the inner angle, score acrylic until you feel it's more than halfway deep, flip it and trace the same line a few more times. The acrylic will be thin enough to just break with your bare hands.

Sand the edges, as well as the surface (with a rough-grit sandpaper) to give it a rough finish.

Mark and drill your holes. I used a 5/64" drill bit on mine.

Spray paint! I know, it's getting colder, but the weather is still warm enough to spray paint, right? If you don't want to use spray paint - you can use my winter alternative, nail polish. When it's dry, you will see the 'hammered' effect as if we used brass. 

Add a bead onto your eye pin, make a loop at the end to seal it. Attach those to your smaller piece. Next, attach your small piece to your big piece. 

Add your necklace chain and you are done!

I am gushing right now - I love love love how it looks. The good thing about this is you can make it in silver, black, or whatever floats your boat. But of course, for that aztec-y feel, it's always a good thing to go with gold. I might change the beads though, I was only working with what I had although I prefer a narrower and more elongated bead. How about you guys, what do you think? What color would you rock this in? Leave me your thoughts and enjoy the week! :) 
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  1. Are you seriously poor? Pretty necklace, good job, great originality- (≧∇≦)


  2. That would look amazing with paper beads for the dangling bits. You could use whatever paper you want, then paint them (nail polish, anyone?) and having something awesomely fun that you made!

  3. OH, YES! And LOVE the suggestion of paper beads!

  4. cotton swabs with plastic minds (off brand Q-tips) make great long beads.


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